Chris Smits, the founder and chief coach at Coach Chris Wellness, has heralded a new era in the wellness industry with his bespoke coaching strategies. With a rich professional background that includes national competitions in speed skating and bobsleigh, spanning over twenty years, Chris Smits has established himself as a key influencer in fostering overall health and wellness.

Since its launch five years ago, Coach Chris Wellness has positively impacted the lives of more than 1,200 clients, primarily ambitious women in their late 30s to 40s. The enterprise prides itself on its dedication to sustainable fitness solutions that accommodate the demanding schedules of its clients, with an impressive annual revenue approaching a million pounds.

Chris Smits embarked on his journey in wellness entrepreneurship following the devastating loss of his mother to a drunk-driving incident. Committed to memorialising her, he channelled his sorrow into a resolve to use his skills and insights to make a significant difference in the wellness of others.

Chris stated: “I’ve worked with A-list celebrities including Samuel L Jackson, Grammy award-winning artists, over 200 professional athletes, and even served as the official trainer for Miss Universe Canada, but our greatest achievement lies in the transformations we’ve witnessed in everyday individuals seeking sustainable wellness solutions.”

Faced with the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chris Smits and his wife, who is also a co-founder, reconfigured their business approach. The closure of their physical gym in Toronto led them to introduce home-based gym experiences through online sessions. Despite early challenges like shortages of equipment and difficulties in expansion, Coach Chris Wellness thrived, employing technologies such as Zoom and Apple Watch to maintain client interaction and track progress.

The shift towards an individualised one-on-one coaching framework has yielded higher client retention and greater satisfaction. This approach has fundamentally changed the landscape of online fitness coaching, ensuring remarkable results and cultivating enduring client connections.

Chris further commented: “Our program isn’t just about fitness – it’s about empowering individuals to design sustainable, healthy lifestyles that fit their unique needs. By combining personalised coaching with cutting-edge technology, we’re revolutionising the way people approach wellness.”

With a client base that extends across Canada, the UK, the US, and Europe, Coach Chris Wellness is recognised globally as a leader in bespoke fitness coaching. The company’s philosophy emphasises personal support and human connections, setting it apart in a highly competitive industry, driven by an unwavering commitment to its clients’ success.

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