The Food Allergy Immunotherapy Centre proudly announces its transformation into the “Allergy Centre of Excellence”, a name change that reflects our enhanced commitment to leading the charge in food allergy treatment and care. 

Deepening Commitment to Clinical Excellence and Patient-Centric Care 

Formerly known as The Food Allergy Immunotherapy Centre, the Allergy Centre of Excellence is expanding its emphasis on clinical excellence and patient-centric care. This evolution is underscored by expanded service offerings and a continued commitment to safe and effective treatment protocols. The centre, founded by esteemed Professors Gideon Lack, Adam Fox, and George Du Toit, remains a pioneer in paediatric allergy care, championed by innovative treatments such as PALFORZIA, an FDA-approved therapy that has shifted the treatment paradigm from avoidance to active management of peanut allergies. 

This rebranding symbolises our ambition to provide comprehensive care that maintains the highest safety standards and caters responsively to the diverse needs of families and individuals with severe allergies. 

Revolutionising Allergy Treatment with PALFORZIA 

PALFORZIA’s (peanut oral immunotherapy) approval in 2020, marking the first licensed food immunotherapy treatment in both the US and Europe, was a key driver for expansion of other OIT treatments. Whilst oral immunotherapy treatments are not a cure, OIT treatments represent a shift towards actively protecting against allergens rather than merely avoiding them and is now more accessible through our partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital and its state-of-the-art allergen administration facilities. 

Expanding Services to Respond to Rising Demands 

The Allergy Centre of Excellence has significantly expanded its desensitisation treatments to include almond, cashew, hazelnut, sesame, wheat, milk and walnut. These new additions utilise advancements in oral immunotherapy (OIT) that have proven effective in desensitising patients, thus enhancing their safety and quality of life.  

A Process Rooted in Integrity and Empathy 

Our centre’s approach to allergy desensitisation is thorough and patient-focused. We emphasize shared decision-making, ensuring that families have all the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding their treatment options. Our treatment protocols are designed with the utmost care to ensure safety and efficacy, guiding patients from the assessment phase to the maintenance phase of treatment. 

Vision for the Future: Leading with Innovation and Care 

Looking forward as the Allergy Centre of Excellence, we are dedicated to pioneering new developments in allergy treatment. Our core values of empathy, clinical excellence, integrity, respect, and teamwork inspire our commitment to advancing allergy care, aimed at improving the lives of our patients and establishing new healthcare standards.