Once a high-flying model for internationally renowned brands like Calvin Klein and Armani, Jannica Klingborg has embarked on a new career as a yoga instructor, crediting naked yoga with her personal transformation. Struggling with body image issues and detrimental habits while in the fashion industry, Klingborg experienced a pivotal change when she discovered naked yoga, which she now teaches at True Naked Yoga.

“Yoga is yoga no matter if you are wearing clothes or not,” Klingborg asserts, underscoring the liberation she feels during her practice. Initially seeking physical benefits from yoga, she quickly realised its mental and emotional therapeutic effects. “The practice began to unravel not only the knots in my body but also in my mind,” she reveals.

After moving away from the demanding fashion industry, Klingborg has pursued self-discovery through yoga, now working full-time as a yoga teacher and Reiki healer. Since 2020, she has been a part of True Naked Yoga, creating tutorials and guiding individuals who seek healing and empowerment through naked yoga.

Reflecting on her experiences, Klingborg declares, “Yoga saved me.” Her dedication to yoga has brought significant changes in her mental wellness, daily habits, and overall life outlook, serving as a motivational example for those undergoing similar challenges, demonstrating yoga’s transformative power in cultivating self-love and acceptance.