Whether you’re looking to cut back on the caffeine, up your water game or just want to delve deeper
into the wonderful world of tea to discover some new favourites, teapigs has something for everyone.
Let’s take a look at some of the top picks to help give you a boost this January…and beyond!

Launched last year, teapigs is the first recognised tea brand to make kombucha, with their very own range consisting of three flavours: original (for all the purists out there), ginger & lemongrass (for a citrusy kick) and peach & mango (for something a little fruiter). A perfect alcohol alternative. It is all natural, with no added artificial flavours or sweeteners, plus 5p from each can sold goes straight back to supporting communities in Rwanda (where teapigs source some of their tea). Available at teapigs.co.uk and Holland &
Barrett | RRP £1.90 per can (250 ml)

Cold brew

Specially designed to brew quickly in cold water, teapigs cold brew is a simple, all natural way to pep up your water and make glugging your way through 2 litres a day an absolute breeze. Available in six refreshing flavours: lychee & rose, cucumber & apple, peach & mango, watermelon & hibiscus, pink grapefruit, and blackcurrant & raspberry; just pop one in your water bottle or glass and…well, that’s it! Available at teapigs.co.uk, Amazon & Ocado, Whole Foods Market | RRP £3.99


Fun fact: drinking matcha can be like drinking 10 cups of regular green tea for its nutrient value – impressive stuff! teapigs’ 100% premium grade matcha powder is super versatile – enjoy it the traditional way whisked into hot water, or make yourself a warming matcha latte, blitz it up in a smoothie, use it in sweet & savoury cooking…the possibilities are endless. If you’re unsure where to begin, the teapigs matcha starter kit is a fab option with everything you need to get started. Available at teapigs.co.uk | RRP £15 for 30g tin

Feel-good teas

A range of all-natural teas that have been specially blended with functional ingredients that do good and taste good: snooze, cleanse, up beet, trim, calm & happy – all six teas are packed full of benefits with no compromise on teapigs’ usual full-on flavour. teapigs are also hosting a feel-good tea school on January 17th over Zoom, where you can taste the range and learn about each one, as well as all the usual fab facts their regular tea school offers. More info & tickets here. Available at teapigs.co.uk | RRP from £1.75

Caffeine free & herbal teas
teapigs have a wide range of naturally caffeine free & herbal teas – some of their most popular being peppermint, chamomile, and honeybush & rooibos. Decaf teas can often lack in flavour due to the decaffeinating process they go through. So until Louise cracks that one, and finds us a decaf tea that tastes just as good as our regular everyday brew, we’ll be sticking with naturally caffeine free alternatives. Available at teapigs.co.uk| RRP from £1.75