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Universe News Network is an independent online financial news service. Key employees of our company are professionals in the field of business, finance and stock markets.

Our writing team works diligently to cover breaking financial news stories and provide unique analysis of important financial events that you can’t find anywhere else.

Claire is an experienced writer and journalist and has many years of experience writing for popular news websites and blogs, specialising in news stories within the business and finance industries. Claire joined Universe News Network six years ago as a part time journalist and has been working alongside the permanent news team ever since. claire@universenewsnetwork.com
Rodger is the editor at Universe News Network and is responsible for editorial duties on the site and leads the news team in what stories the site should be focusing on delivering to its readers. Rodger is an avid writer and as well as writing professional news stories he also has a passion for writing short fiction stories which are often picked up by short story publishers. roger@universenewsnetwork.com