Ever wondered what the most popular beers on social media are? Pour yourself a pint and get comfortable – Electrix has done the thirsty work for you. The electrical enclosures supplier has listed the world’s most instagrammable beers, ranking well-known brewer brands based on their popularity on Instagram.

The term ‘instagrammable’ refers to visual suitability and appeal for being captured and posted on the famous social media platform. As drinkers share millions of pictures of their favourite beers on a daily basis, some lagers are inevitably more popular than others.

By calculating the number of photos with a hashtag and the beer’s name, we have been able to determine the popularity of each product. Which one will land on top? Here, we uncover the top 10 most instagrammable beers around the globe.

10th position – Red Stripe

Red Stripe sits at the bottom of our prestigious table with a total of 264,605 Instagram hashtags. Loved all around the world, this Jamaican pale beer is consistently the lager of choice in its home country. Outside the Jamaican borders, its stubby bottles are particularly appreciated by beer aficionados in Britain, Brazil, and the USA.

9th position – Mythos

With a name that evokes the legends of the past, Mythos is Greece’s most notorious beer. First created in 1997 in the Olympic Brewery, it soon grew in popularity and is now the star lager of most bars, restaurants, and beach clubs across the country. With an impressive 272,285 hashtags, it clinches our ninth spot.

8th position – Singha

Singha is Thailand’s signature beer and ranks eighth in this refreshing chart. Created in 1933 by Rawd Brewery, it has conquered drinkers’ hearts and has been portrayed 295,312 times on Instagram. Not only is it the beer of choice for Thai people, but it is popped and enjoyed in 53 countries worldwide – including France, the USA, India, and the UK.

7th position – Corona

An unmistakable emblem of Mexican beverages, Corona reaches seventh place in the rankings. Shipped to over 180 countries across the world, the famous sunshine beer has been snapped 348,160 times on Instagram. The crown on the Corona bottle symbolises the brewery’s appreciation for the exotic, Mexican sun. Is that why its taste can transport you to Cancun with every sip?

6th position – Tuborg

With a remarkable 382,331 hashtags, Tuborg stands in sixth position. The beer’s name has a playful origin, uniting its founder’s credentials (Jonas Thues) and the Danish word for castle (Borg). In truth, the castle aspect refers to the tiny inn where the lager first originated and is intended as a joke. In fact, Jonas’ pub was a small and haphazard structure that resembles a mud-built cottage. That said, Tuborg’s success is certainly not a joke. The same inn has changed its look and is now easily recognised by its 26-metre Tuborg bottle that contains about 1.5 million lager bottles. What’s more, the Scandinavian beer has found a home in the bars of 72 countries across the globe.

5th position – EFES

Brewed on the Bosporus in the bustling city of Istanbul, EFES is Turkey’s favourite beer. In fact, with an 80% domestic market share, it is the best-selling lager in the country. With a whopping 494,660 pictures on Instagram, the EFES sits comfortably in fifth place. What’s more, it is exported to 40 nations worldwide, including the USA, Japan, the UK, and Germany.

4th position – Bud Light

Bud Light, America’s most loved beer, secures fourth place with an outstanding 1,886,896 posts on Instagram. First introduced to the US back in 1892, Bud Light was created as a premium, light lager that offers great drinkability. No wonder it is the best-selling beer in the country! Moreover, Bud Light was the first American beer to share its ingredients with consumers in 2019, showing transparency and generosity. Arguably, the strong connection it has built with its drinkers has helped it remain the lager of choice in the United States.

3rd position – San Miguel

San Miguel may give you Madrilenian or Sevillian vibes, but it was initially a Philippines-brewed beer. Counting 2,048,626 hashtags from lager fans around the globe, San Miguel books its place on the frothy podium. Despite its Philippino origins, Spanish brewery La Segarra bought the San Miguel license in 1946 and started producing the well-loved beer in Europe.

2nd position – Budweiser

Receiving 2,178,211 hashtags, Budweiser clinches the silver medal. If you are on an inspiring road trip through the mesmerising Canadian landscape, it is likely you will end up stopping at a bar and ordering a reinvigorating Budweiser. But it is not only popular within its own home country – from Brazil and India to the US, it is appreciated across all continents. Indeed, it reached a global search volume of 460,850 on Google.

1st position – Heineken

All hail the king! The winner of this exquisite ranking is the world-famous Dutch-brewed beer, Heineken. With an incredible 3,814,777 hashtags, it claims the title of “most instagrammable beer” in the world. Not only is it the most popular lager in the Netherlands, but Heineken is the most adored across the globe too. Indeed, 13 countries google Heineken more than any other type of beer. These include Austria, Italy, France, and Thailand.

So, does your favourite beer make the list? Are you already contemplating which one you will pour next? By taking a picture or two and sharing them with friends on social media, you will be contributing to the results of this bubbly, foamy ranking.