At this year’s PPMA show Soken Engineering, a recently acquired subsidiary of Jenton International, will launch an all-inclusive range of heat sealing packing systems for ‘on the go’ food businesses wanting to improve presentation, product lifespan and handle a varied range of lunch products on a single system!


Deli’s, garden centre cafes, hospitals and garage forecourts that hand-pack lunch items in takeaway cartons/boxes with press-on lids will compromise product presentation and lifespan due to air leaks which fast-track spoiling. As the UK’s demand for lunch products continues to broaden, Soken has responded with a 3-in-1 Heat-Sealing System which perfectly seals packs of sandwiches, wraps and salads with only the need for a tool change. Now artisan businesses only need to invest in a single system to improve pack presentation, hygiene and preserve lunchtime foods by up-to three days, putting a stop to food waste and resulting loss of profit which is entirely preventable.


The 3-in-1 Soken range includes level 1 machines ideal for small cafes which want to seal a single pack at a time, level 2 machines – which seal up to 4 packs at the same time – ideal for caterers supplying mobile vans and local shops, as well as level 3 intermediate automated systems – which can output up to 48 packs per minute – perfect for medium sized businesses such as airline caterers or large garden centre chains.


All Soken equipment is manufactured in the UK and backed by a two-year return-to-base warranty. As all tooling and parts are designed and manufactured in-house, spares can be provided within very short time scales. It also means that if a caterer has any unusual packaging requirements bespoke tooling can be developed as required. In addition, Soken can supply all necessary consumables such as sandwich packs, ready meal trays with lidding film and salad boxes. Plans are in the pipeline to develop packaging options which are plastic free.


Stephen Hawes, Soken Engineering sales manager said: “If sandwich boxes and salad packs are not sealed properly the shelf life of the food is compromised leading to waste and reduced profits. Our versatile easy to operate 3-in-1 ‘fresher for longer’ packaging systems give catering outlets the ability to sell a wide range of foods in tamper evident heat sealed packaging which extends shelf-life considerably. As a business we are always striving towards net zero so helping reduce food waste is a key priority.”

About Soken Engineering

Soken Engineering Limited ( ) are designers and manufacturers of heat sealing equipment for meal trays, airline catering packs and sandwich and ready to eat packaging. Acquired by the Jenton Group in March 2018, the firm has remained true to the sector for over 40 years and offers a range of 20+ top seal, film seal and card seal machines from simple hand operated bench top machines to semi-automatic multi-tool drawer units to high-speed automatic systems. The machines are designed and made in the UK and have been widely exported.