Tech company Foodhub has advanced its pledge to champion small business after announcing a trio of ordering innovations designed to help independent restaurants and takeaways keep pace with industry leaders like McDonald’s.

The features, launched alongside a revamped business website, are set to advance Foodhub’s promise of a streamlined and efficient experience for independent restaurants and their customers.

Regional business partners and customers will now have access to offline ordering technology, self-ordering kiosks and ordering via Google. 

While technologies such as these are already offered by large chains such as McDonald’s and KFC, until now they have been out of reach for smaller independent restaurants and takeaways.

Their introduction by Foodhub falls in line with the company’s ground-breaking Love Local initiative – a pledge to champion local restaurants and takeaways as pillars of their communities.

The launch of the new ordering features also coincides with the revamp of Foodhub’s website, which provides prospective restaurant and takeaway partners with information about the business.

It outlines the company’s offering of a full tech ecosystem, from software to hardware, with restaurants and takeaways able to manage the full order process, from taking orders to income and tax reports.

As part of the new ordering innovations, Foodhub is offering some partners the option of stationing self-ordering kiosks in their restaurants, allowing customers to place orders in the shop via a screen. 

In an additional ordering innovation, partners will further have the option of accepting orders offline, allowing them to attend new orders that are placed from a different location or device.

Elsewhere, Foodhub clients will gain access to the app Drive2Success.

This will mean orders can be assigned to delivery drivers via a scannable QR code on receipts, eliminating the need to manually designate deliveries, which can be an inefficient process.

Additionally, many customers will now be able to order food via Google, after Foodhub rolled the feature out to 15,000 clients, with many more set to join. 

Customers can search for their favourite restaurant or takeaway on Google, before ordering directly from the site, rather than via an app or through the business’ dedicated web page.

Foodhub CEO Ardian Mula said: “We’re very excited and proud to launch our new website, alongside three operational innovations that will propel us to the next level as a business.

“The introduction of offline ordering technology, self-ordering kiosks and ordering via Google will undoubtedly benefit both the client and customer, providing everyone with a better product.

“These modernisations represent the continuation of our mission to create a streamlined and efficient experience.”

Mr Mula added: “Elsewhere, our new business website is extremely user-friendly and accessible.

“One of our main goals as a company is to help small, independent restraints and takeaways thrive, and that’s what the new site is designed to achieve.

“Any restaurant takeaway owners interested in partnering with Foodhub should visit:”