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London is bustling with life. It doesn’t matter which cuisine you’re in the mood for, the options for a scrumptious brunch are endless.

More often than not, the problem is choosing a place to dine at. You don’t want to be walking around the city all day, even if you’re carrying an emergency ladies’ umbrella.

To make sure you dine like kings and queens this summer, we have created a list of the top 10 brunch destinations in London. But how did we decide which places are the trendiest?

First, we gathered the top 100 most talked-about brunch spots on TikTok. We collected the number of Instagram followers and hashtags, TikTok mentions and likes, and Tripadvisor scores of these. This culminated in a final score for each of our top ten brunch recommendations.

10th. Where the Pancakes Are

Final score: 44
No prizes for guessing what the speciality of Where the Pancakes Are is. Already named as one of the top 10 best brunch spots in London by the Condé Nast Traveller, Where the Pancakes Are has made it onto our top ten brunch spots too!

These aren’t just any old pancakes. With only the freshest ingredients and the best seasonable produce, these pancakes are as ready for your Instagram feed as they are for your tastebuds. So whether you opt for an all-American experience with smoked streaky bacon and maple syrup, or you go for a fruity “Hummingbird” full of pineapple, pomegranate, and coconut, be sure to snap a shot and add it to the 1,000 Instagram hashtag mentions!

9th. Bourne & Hollingsworth

Final score: 45
The bright, open interior of Bourne & Hollingsworth is perfect for summertime. The brunch menu has a number of tasty treats, from seasonal smoothie bowls to huevos benedictos – eggs benedict with a Spanish twist.

Bourne & Hollingsworth also offers that classic brunchtime favourite – the bottomless brunch. Enjoy a two-course meal accompanied by endless Bellinis and Bloody Marys. It’s easy to see how Bourne & Hollingsworth has earned an impressive 29,00 followers on Instagram.

8th. White Mulberries

Final score: 46
White Mulberries has two locations for you to choose from – St Katharine Docks and Hay’s galleria. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to find a fantastic brunch awaiting you.

A favourite among its 20,500 Instagram followers, it was also named London’s best coffee shop in Coffee Stop’s 2014 awards. White Mulberries has plenty on offer in the caffeine department, with a range of iced coffees, mochas, and the classic cappuccino. Served alongside a selection of beautiful baked goods or a brilliantly bright breakfast bowl, you’re sure to leave with a spring in your step. You’ll not be able to resist snapping a shot of your brunch here, so add it on to the 5,000 posts under #whitemulberries on Instagram.

Tied 5th. Sunday in Brooklyn

Final score: 56
Live out your American dream at Sunday in Brooklyn…in London! The New York favourite has landed in the UK, and it’s brought its famous brunch menu along too. You can keep it light and simple with a rustic smoked salmon toast, or go all out with steak and eggs – sirloin, cheddar scrambled eggs, Long Island potatoes, all served with toast. A perfect way to start the day!

The American aesthetic seems to have ticked all the right boxes on TikTok, as Sunday in Brooklyn has gained an impressive 16,339 likes on the platform.

Tied 5th. Forks & Green

Final score: 56
If you like to keep your brunch simple, calm, and drama-free, look no further than Forks & Green. The rustic vibe of this charming café makes it the ideal spot to bring friends and family for a special catch-up or treat.

You can’t go wrong with a traditional English breakfast, but Forks & Green has taken the cooked breakfast to a whole new level. Choose from the Forks & Green Breakfast, the Mediterranean Breakfast, or the Canadian Breakfast and find out where in the world truly has the best cooked breakfast offering. Alternatively, their artfully stacked pancakes topped with butter, bacon, chocolate and maple syrup, and fruit compote are just begging for an Instagram photo to be shared among the café’s 11,900 followers.

Tied 5th. Eggbreak

Final score: 56
“Eggs all day, every day, any way.” How could you refuse that brunch offer? If eggs are your favourite breakfast item, you have to pay Eggbreak a visit!

Naturally, you can expect expert-level eggs benedict from Eggbreak, but the menu doesn’t stop there. From lamb hash to the aubergine tahini, egg, feta, pomegranate, and lamb sausage melody that is the “Breakybab”, Eggbreak is here to crack all your brunch preconceptions. Its quirky menu is a hit online, with an impressive Tripadvisor score of 4 out of 5 and 49,100 fans on Instagram.

4th. Christopher’s

Final score: 59
Christopher’s is another sleek and modern brunch destination. The food menu is sublime, boasting an array of fluffy pancakes and French toast. What more could you want?

Christopher’s has made an impact on social media, boasting 14,918 likes on TikTok, along with 27,300 followers and 11,500 posts in its hashtag on Instagram. The reputation continues on Tripadvisor with an impressive four stars.

3rd. Palaette

Final score: 65
Chances are that you’ve already heard about this social-media favourite. Palaette has been all over the news this year, making headlines for the queues fans are willing to wait in to get a taste of what have been dubbed the “prettiest pancakes”.

The café has made the most of its social media presence too, with an impressive 20,800 followers ready to post up artful shots of its now-famous pancakes and brunch items. #Aesthetic!

2nd. EL&N Café

Final score: 94
If you’re a fan of pink, EL&N Cafe is the place for you. There are numerous branches in London and around the world, but the food is just as good no matter where you go.

Touted on its website as “London’s most Instagrammable hot spot”, EL&N has a staggering 575,00 followers and 69,400 posts in its hashtag on Instagram – the second highest in both categories in our list! With intriguing menu items such as a pink Turkish delight hot chocolate and a decadent s’mores cookie pan, it’s no wonder this photo-ready spot is such a hit on Instagram.

1st. Peggy Porschen

Final score: 100
At the top of our list, Peggy Porschen is our top pick for the trendiest brunch destination in London. There are parlours in Belgravia and Chelsea, both serving scrumptious foods like truffled scrambled eggs.

Peggy Porschen is leading the way for brunch in London. It has 2,322 likes on TikTok and a 4-star rating on Trip Advisor, as well as 582,000 followers and 88,100 hashtags on Instagram. The numbers don’t lie after all!

There you have it – the top places to have brunch in London this summer. Where will you visit first?