Next Health, the only provider of all-encompassing health optimisation and longevity services that eliminates barriers to life-enhancing and prolonging treatments, has surpassed its growth targets this month by reaching sales in 50 territories. This landmark extends the company’s presence to 10 states and three countries, following the eagerly awaited launch of its franchising opportunities in Q3 2023. With a commitment to empowering individuals to achieve peak vitality through preventative and tailored care, Next Health has now set a new goal: to become the leading health optimisation and longevity company by the close of 2027, with over 150 locations serving more than 600,000 clients.

Unique in its appeal to both consumers and potential franchisees, Next Health is the only company that combines four in-demand services under one roof: cutting-edge recovery technology, health optimization, aesthetics services, and advanced longevity solutions. Clients of Next Health enjoy a direct relationship with on-site providers who employ a data-driven approach to fully manage and customise their wellness journey and treatment options, aimed at achieving optimal vitality. A key advantage for Next Health in the franchising market is its industry-leading unit economics, which help to attract and retain health-focused customers whose spending would otherwise be dispersed across multiple local businesses.

“Next Health marries the most advanced health optimization treatments with keen technological operations,” said Scott Svilich, COO, and leader of Next Health’s strategic growth. “The booming wellness economy is projected to surge 26% to $8.5T by 2027 and Next Health is at the forefront capturing a large percentage of that through new locations and technology. Next Health is just getting started and each of our franchisees are contributing to our collective mission to pioneer a new path for us all to live longer, healthier lives.“
In a joint statement, Next Health’s co-founders, Dr. Darshan Shah and Kevin Peake, said, “we founded Next Health with the mission to always provide what’s next in health to individuals around the world. Our brand’s promise is, no matter where or how a customer engages with Next Health, they’ll have access to the latest and best wellness technology and treatments available.”
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