Leading business coach Anu Khanna, founder of Anu Khanna ActionCOACH, has clinched the Action HERO award at the EMEA Awards for the third year in a row on April 16th in Liverpool, an achievement marking her as the only female coach to do so continuously.

Anu’s ascent in the competitive UK business arena highlights her resilience and steadfast determination in overcoming the additional hurdles she faced as an Asian woman. Today, she stands as a role model, showing that obstacles can indeed be turned into stepping stones for greater success.

Reflecting on her career, Anu remarked, “Being an Asian woman in business wasn’t always easy. But the challenges I faced only fueled my determination to succeed. Now, seeing others thrive under my coaching is the most rewarding aspect of my journey.”

Her coaching extends to clients in diverse locales such as Coventry, Leamington Spa, Rugby, Derby, and Luton, where she continues to inspire and elevate her clients to new heights of success.

Anu’s clients remarkable achievements were recognized at the UK’s biggest business awards and forum, the BizX Awards, held on April 18th. Three of her clients emerged victorious, claiming prestigious BizX awards, while an impressive five others were named finalists out of a fierce competition of over 1000 businesses. This achievement stands out even more considering Anu’s coaching program is the only one to achieve such a remarkable feat.

These triumphs highlight not only Anu’s exceptional coaching abilities but also her unwavering commitment to her clients’ success. Her tailored approach and personalized support ensure each client, regardless of background or industry, excels. John Courtenay & Richard Courtenay from MQP, consistently winning BizX awards for three years in a row under Anu’s guidance, is a testament to this. Additionally, Karen Williams OBE, CEO and Co-Founder of the Buddy Bag Foundation, exemplifies the diverse range of businesses thriving under Anu’s coaching. Anu’s team member and Business Coach, Harneet Kaur, also embodies this commitment. Her dedication is evident in the success stories of clients like Azam Shafa from Lawrence Kurt Solicitors, who has secured the BizX award twice.

Additionally, Anu’s clients also secured noteworthy positions as finalists in various categories: Simon Rotheram from Beechwood Trees and Landscapes Ltd for the Best Customer Service Award, Jamie White from Exactaform Cutting Tools for the Best Manufacturer/ Wholesaler Award, and John Courtenay & Richard Courtenay from MQP as finalists for the Most Innovative Company.

Her team member and business coach, Harneet, also played a pivotal role in these successes. Under her guidance and dedication, clients like Martin Geks from Magnum Building Services Ltd emerged as finalists for the Fastest Growing Company Award, and Monika Carroll from New Start 4 U CIC earned recognition as a finalist for the Not-For-Profit Business of the Year award.

These achievements collectively demonstrate the depth and breadth of impact Anu Khanna’s coaching, along with her team’s efforts, has on her clients’ businesses, propelling them to the forefront of their respective industries. Harneet’s dedication to her clients’ success further exemplifies the commitment of Anu Khanna’s coaching team to excellence.

Commenting on her clients’ victories, Anu remarked, “I’m incredibly proud of my clients recognized at the BizX Awards. Their success is a testament to their hard work, determination, and willingness to embrace change. As a coach, there’s no greater reward than seeing them achieve their goals, especially for those who may have faced similar challenges to myself in the business world.”

James Vincent, the BizX Podcast host, echoed this sentiment, saying: “What a win! Huge congratulations Anu Khanna. All the hard work and commitment are truly showing. He highlighted Anu’s unwavering dedication to her clients’ success and her ability to propel their businesses to even greater heights.

With each triumph, Anu Khanna ActionCOACH reaffirms its mission to elevate businesses to new heights of success and set a benchmark for business coaching excellence globally. Learn more about how Anu Khanna ActionCOACH can help your business thrive at anukhanna.actioncoach.co.uk.