At the forefront of brain health optimisation, Natural Brain Solutions has declared its ambitious objective to optimise 100,000 brains and in doing so, transform 100,000 lives.

Led by founder Patty Tashiro, this initiative emerged from her own profound journey of turning adversity into empowerment after aiding her daughter’s recovery from a traumatic brain injury. The journey began in earnest in March 2016, when Tashiro’s family was struck by a devastating car accident caused by street racers. The incident left her daughter suffering from a subdural hematoma and severe post-concussive symptoms, which traditional medical treatments failed to address effectively. Despite facing a prognosis of enduring symptoms, Tashiro tirelessly sought solutions that eventually led to her daughter’s significant recovery.

This experience inspired Tashiro to ensure that brain health knowledge and strategies were accessible rather than secretive. Her pursuit led to certification as a brain health trainer through Dr. Daniel Amen’s program. In 2022, Tashiro established Natural Brain Solutions to provide global access to support for a variety of brain health challenges through virtual consultations, embracing a holistic approach encapsulated in the company’s N.A.T.U.R.A.L. philosophy.

The heart of Natural Brain Solutions’ mission is its Academy, which empowers people to harness their cognitive abilities through comprehensive assessments, expert guidance, and actionable solutions.

As Tashiro contemplates her transition from despair to empowerment, she remains committed to her mission to expand access to transformative brain health techniques. She believes passionately: “If your brain isn’t working for you, it’s working against you. Everyone has a right to feel their best and be their best. And that starts with a simple, methodical plan to optimise the organ that runs your life: Your brain.”

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