Cheap Deals Away, known for helping UK residents find the most cost-effective package holidays, has launched an upgraded website alongside a new dedicated platform for its Irish customers.

Originating as a Facebook group in 2017, Cheap Deals Away quickly expanded due to increasing demand, creating local Facebook pages across the UK, eventually leading to the development of a full-fledged website as the company grew.

In response to strong customer demand, Cheap Deals Away has revamped its primary site,, enhancing its user-friendliness and intuitive design.

The website’s design allows users to seamlessly compare departure airports and travel dates for global destinations, ensuring they secure the best deals available.

Dawn Morwood, Co-director of Cheap Deals Away, stated, “While holidays are the most anticipated events of the year, booking them can be a chore with so many websites to choose from and conflicting advice on how to get the best deal.”

“Our aim when we set up Cheap Deals Away was simply to help people in any way we could to ensure they are not overpaying for their holidays. The way the company has grown since then has been remarkable and it felt like the right time to establish a new website which means it has never been easier to find your next holiday for a fantastic price.”

She further explained, “We thought about the frustrations we have when booking holidays so the usability of the website was vitally important to us. Users can change dates, airports and destinations very easily when searching, meaning they are not spending hours trawling through an array of options and can find the best prices quickly and easily.”

“Additionally, we are addressing the needs of customers flying from smaller regional airports like Newquay, Aberdeen, and Norwich, which traditionally offer fewer holiday options.”

The UK website’s success prompted the creation of a new site for Ireland,, where users can find holidays departing from Dublin, Cork, and smaller airports like Kerry and Knock, all while ensuring the best prices.

Dawn added, “The decision to launch seemed like a logical step as user numbers on the UK site have grown rapidly and this year we have had our busiest first quarter since the business was established.”

“The Irish site functions in the same way as our UK site but only includes holidays departing from airports in Ireland and obviously the prices quoted are in Euros.”

“We are delighted to be able to open up our service to the people of Ireland and look forward to sourcing more fantastic deals for holidays departing from Irish airports.”

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