Queue up for pictures with the iconic panda-shaped interactive device, explore the stalls and sample “Sichuanese” speciality agro-products, and enjoy the opportunity to experience “BaBaTea”.

‘Sichuanese’ speciality agro-products are gaining traction in Hong Kong, thanks to a successful event.

The event, ‘See the Spectacular and Kaleidoscopic China’—Victoria Park Celebrate the Return of Hong Kong, began in Victoria Park on 29th June. Since its launch, it has drawn thousands of visitors.

The exhibition, organised by the Sichuan Provincial Supply and Marketing Co-operative, covers an expansive 700 square metres. With the theme “Come to Sichuan, Live a Comfortable Life”, it is divided into four main sections: the “Sichuanese” speciality agro-products display area, the creative and interactive photo-taking area, the relaxation area, and the tea-break area.

Attendees have the chance to delve into the culture with a range of experiences and food choices on offer. Over 200 varieties of “Sichuanese” speciality agro-products are on display at the exhibition, enticing many Hong Kong residents to taste and buy. Numbing, spicy, savoury, and aromatic are some of the Sichuan flavours that have garnered a significant following!

With traditional furnishings such as a bamboo table and chair and a Gaiwan (covered bowl) tea set on display, attendees can experience the atmosphere of Sichuan streets.

Accompanied by folk music, guests can fully enjoy the distinctive charm of “BaBaTea” culture and Sichuan’s easy-going and unhurried lifestyle.

During the event, the Sichuan Provincial Supply and Marketing Co-operative is also actively pursuing global partnerships. By interacting with buyers, retailers, and e-commerce platforms from across the globe, numerous cooperative agreements have been established.