Today marks the launch of Apolo‘s GPU Hub with Tools for Efficient AI Development, establishing a novel benchmark for enterprise engagement with AI-ready physical infrastructures. Apolo distinguishes itself as an all-encompassing AI Ecosystem, offering instant access to specifically configured machines equipped with top-tier AI development tools, sourced from reliable data centres at competitive rates. This pivotal shift by Apolo propels enterprises of varied scales towards a comprehensive, open solution that addresses the entirety of their AI development needs, from server setup and LLM generation to GenAI training and development environment software.

Leveraging the robust MLOps Platform stack and the vast expertise of our principal management and technical staff, Apolo is ideally situated to meet the AI infrastructure demands of both current and future clientele, establishing a new benchmark for operational efficiency and value in the realm of AI model training and inference. As a flexible platform, Apolo enables any data centre or CSP to provide a tailored, multi-tenancy, or self-service architecture equipped for AI.

Apolo’s transition is accompanied by the introduction of an energetic leadership team of co-founders. Bill Kleyman takes the helm as CEO, bringing a forward-thinking leadership style and comprehensive knowledge of the data centre sector. Constantine Goltsev steps in as CTO, leveraging his extensive technical expertise to guide our technological vision, and Uri Soroka, known for his operational insight, assumes the role of COO to ensure smooth operations and the success of our clients. Their combined skills and innovative leadership are poised to guide Apolo in transforming the AI infrastructure landscape.

Bill Kleyman, Apolo’s newly appointed CEO, expressed, “The transformation to Apolo is just the beginning of our journey. Apolo is a groundbreaking leap forward in our mission to make AI infrastructure universally accessible. We are passionate about equipping businesses of every scale with the cutting-edge tools and resources they need to unlock the full power of AI. Apolo‚Äôs GPU Hub with a set of essential ML development tools sets the stage for unprecedented levels of innovation and efficiency across the board, redefining what’s possible in the industry.”

The formation of Apolo was made possible by the generous support of a group of investors, spearheaded by the venture capital fund PGV, alongside other key figures in the industry. Their faith in Apolo’s mission and their commitment to democratise AI infrastructure have been fundamental in the establishment of this venture.