Stopping ChatGPT from Reading Your Content

As AI becomes commonplace in day-to-day life, this tool was once an advantage, but now the ramifications of programmes like ChatGPT are becoming prominent. 

Intellectual property runs the risk of being stolen from users, and artificial intelligence is the reason for it. However, there are ways businesses can stop ChatGPT from reading your content and protect what is most invaluable, including hiring white-label link-building services to create unique work free of any AI. 

Reasons to block ChatGPT from reading your website

There are many reasons to ensure that your work is protected from ChatGPT.

Protect Intellectual Property

Aside from AI minimising the importance of human intelligence, when you decide to create a piece of writing and put it online, you don’t expect it to be stolen and then redistributed as someone else’s. If anything, the expectation is that if it is used, appropriate credit will be given, the same as for a student paper or peer review article. You understand that intellectual property belongs to you because you were the one who created it.

Data Security

More and more, we are seeing data brokers resell valuable information to third parties. Phishing emails are filling up our inboxes, and scam phone calls and text messages are reaching our ‘private’ numbers. Why? AI that stores information, allowing accessibility to companies looking to profit from this data. By blocking AI programmes, you can secure yours and your company’s personal information and intelligence.

Server Overload

When ChatGPT has interwoven itself into your site, this can cause an array of problems for the site itself. It can slow down functionality, decrease loading times, and overall result in a flawed and inconsistent user experience.

Stopping ChatGPT

Fortunately, tools and steps can be implemented to make sure your intellectual property is protected, your data is secure, and your server is not overloaded. 

Limiting IP Addresses

Banning the IP address of ChatGPT and other OpenAI programmes is a surefire way to remove these spiders from setting up on your website. 

Robots.txt File Use

Through a robots.txt file,site managers can insert instructions and redirect or block any bots like ChatGPT. This ensures that ‘web crawlers’ are shifted away from your content and pages. 


You may be familiar with CAPTCHA; it has likely asked you to identify traffic lights or a bicycle on a website before it takes you to your destination. If you have ever wondered why, CAPTCHA works to eliminate AI from its server by confirming that the person on its page is in fact a person and not a piece of software. 


While AI is integrating itself into our online lives more often, steps can be taken to minimise our intellectual property from being duplicated, our data from being stolen, and our servers from being overloaded. With programmes to weed out bots and limit certain IP addresses and white-label link-building services, you can securely market your business without worrying about OpenAI’s plagiarism.

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