New Tool to Automate Labor-Intensive Rotoscoping, Saving at Least 50% Time and €700K Per Project

July 3, 2024 – Vilnius, Lithuania. Traditional rotoscoping, the process of tracing over live-action footage for animation, is a significant challenge in the animation industry due to its time-consuming and labor-intensive nature. AI-powered rotoscoping tools are set to revolutionize this workflow by automating the tracing process, reducing the time spent on rotoscoping by 50%-70%. Perfection42, a provider of AI solutions for visual applications, has secured a €1.6 million EU grant for the development of Roto42, an AI-powered rotoscoping tool designed for animation.

The project, which will span two years and conclude on June 10, 2026, will be developed in partnership with Oak9 Entertainment, an animation production studio.

Roto42 aims to transform creators’ styles into 4K graphics and sequences, targeting CGI and VFX artists with a powerful solution to enhance workflow efficiency and creative output.

“Roto42 will be a help for those who work in animation technology, offering creators the ability to seamlessly manipulate objects. With our tool, artists can effortlessly apply changes to contours, colors, and animations, streamlining the production process while maintaining creative control,” explained Simona Vasytė, CEO of Perfection42.

The Roto42 simplifies animation. By automating intricate tasks and providing intuitive controls, Roto42 empowers animators to focus more on creative expression rather than laborious technical details. The client Perfection42 works with expects to save about €700k per project using the tool.

The tool selects four frames from a three-second video sequence and tracks object contours across them using Roth curves. Once defined by Roto curves, the object undergoes transformations like color changes and manipulations on the face and hands. Animation is then applied, requiring the developer to draw only the first frame, with subsequent frames generated automatically. This streamlined workflow boosts efficiency and creativity in animation production.

“AI-powered rotoscoping tools are just the beginning of AI’s transformative impact on animation. As we delve deeper into the potential future, we envision animation reaching unprecedented levels of realism and innovation. From hyper-realistic visuals to personalized content tailored to audience preferences, AI opens up new artistic frontiers and enhances the creative process. While animators will continue to play a vital role in storytelling and directing AI output, the integration of AI tools into animation workflows promises faster production times, greater accessibility, and enhanced collaboration,” elaborated Vasytė.

The total value of the project is 1,646,940 EUR, of which 1,008,477 EUR are from the EU funding.

Through a collaboration with partners in Lithuania and Poland, Perfection42 aims to deliver Roto42 to global studios specializing in rotoscoping animation.