Quantum-h, a leader in emerging technology, in partnership with the University of Reading, is excited to announce their recent grant award from Innovate UK’s Accelerated Knowledge Transfer (AKT) programme. This grant will fund an innovative interdisciplinary project that integrates state-of-the-art digital technologies into the Higher Education sector, with a special focus on Artificial Intelligence data mining in research.

This initiative seeks to transform research methodologies through the development of advanced technology designed to safeguard research data and uphold ethical standards and data integrity. This project is a UK Government-funded initiative that embodies the essence of Innovate UK’s AKT mission to quickly enhance innovation capacity.

Leon Samuel, CEO of Quantum-h, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are proud of this partnership with the University of Reading and Innovate UK to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies. The potential of AI to transform the research landscape is immense and with this project, we aim to unlock innovative methodologies that are both impactful and ethically responsible.”

Marzia Briel-Barr, from the School of Law at the University of Reading, highlighted the collaborative effort: “This collaboration with Quantum-h is testament to how Academia can contribute to the UK innovation and technology sector in a practical way. We are excited to see the outcomes of this project, especially that it will result in contributions that advance equitable and sustainable Open Science.”

Project Aims and Benefits:

  • Innovative Technology Platform: Central to the project is the development of an AI-driven technology platform for data mining and analysis.
  • Research Data Tracking & Monitoring: The project will implement a thorough system to monitor and track research data, ensuring the protection of data integrity.
  • Ethical AI Utilisation: The ethical use of AI is a cornerstone of the project, aiming to set standards for responsible research practices within the digital sphere.