Story from Jam Press (American Dream Life) Pictured: Carmela Clutch now. ‘I was burnt out and broke, working 100+ hours a week in a corporate office – now I sell sexy snaps online’ A woman working over 100 hours a week in a corporate job has revealed why she quit the grind after a cancer scare – and is now selling sexy snaps online instead. Carmela Clutch experienced burnout in 2019 after “ticking all the boxes” of what she thought a successful career should look like. But the former marketing manager for high-profile sports clubs soon found herself broke, earning under £30,000 a year and doing endless overtime. The 35-year-old from Dade County, Florida, says the “American dream is a lie” – and that a good degree won’t get you the life you want. “We are sold a lie – go to school, get the grades, be a good person and you’ll have a good life and America will provide for you,” the now-model, who has 349,000 followers on Twitter (@carmela_clutch ) and lives in Las Vegas, told NudePR. “But the way I lived was not a dream, it was a nightmare. “My fancy marketing degree got me large-name jobs but I was living less than hand-to-mouth – I was coming up short. “I sub-leased a cheap room, I had no spare time, I wasn’t enjoying my life. “Then I was diagnosed with stage 0 cervical cancer and needed a medical procedure to get the all-clear, but I couldn’t get time off work. “So I quit and at 27 years old I moved back in with my parents to decide what to do next.” At first, Carmela went back to college to study medicine. But the stress soon returned and she decided to take a sabbatical. To earn some extra cash on the side, she worked as a personal assistant for a friend, who was a content creator. Carmela said: “Studying medicine, though it was wonderful, it was not for me and I needed to find something that really made me shine. “My friend needed help on photoshoots in gorgeous mansions and by hotel pools. “I

Carmela Clutch has made a dramatic career transition from being a burnt-out marketing manager for sports clubs to finding financial and personal liberation through selling adult content online. Residing in Las Vegas, the 35-year-old influencer with a substantial Twitter following (@carmela_clutch) openly narrates her journey of defying societal pressures and finding true career fulfillment.

Carmela’s ordeal with corporate life peaked in 2019, where despite her impressive marketing credentials, she was left financially and emotionally depleted. The turning point in her life was her diagnosis with stage 0 cervical cancer, leading her to reprioritise her life.

“I quit, and at 27 years old, I moved back in with my parents to decide what to do next,” says Carmela.

Her exploration led her from studying medicine back to the world of content creation, this time in the adult entertainment realm. With her marketing background, she embarked on a new path, cultivating her brand in the industry.

“At first, I was working behind the scenes, helping on photoshoots and managing shoots. Then an unexpected opportunity arose, and I found myself starring in adult movies,” she recounts.

Despite initial setbacks and familial disapproval, Carmela embraced her new career, leading to substantial success and autonomy. “Once I had a taste of success, financial freedom, and personal autonomy, I knew I could never go back to anything close to a 9-5,” she states confidently.

Carmela has achieved a comfortable six-figure income, working just two days a week primarily from home, and is looking forward to launching her merchandise line and expanding her brand presence.

“I have fun, travel, and make connections worldwide. My fans say I make a difference in their lives, and that’s all I ever wanted – to help people,” she concludes.