Story from Jam Press (Single For Xmas) Pictured: Chloe Amour. Model with strict checklist for budding partners says she “doesn’t need” a man this Christmas – and will buy her own gifts A model has shared why she isn’t asking Santa Claus for a man this Christmas, saying she “doesn’t need” anyone to keep her company or buy her gifts. Chloe Amour has previously hit the headlines for revealing her strict checklist for budding partners including their financial status, confidence levels and hair colour to be in with a chance of a date. With the New Year looming, the influencer, who spent last Christmas with her ex, has decided to ditch men altogether. Instead of cuddling up to a bloke for the holidays, the 32-year-old is going to open presents she’s gifted herself and spend time with family and friends. And she plans to share plenty of sexy updates with her 2.1m Instagram fans (@realchloeamour). “I am not looking for a man this Christmas,” Chloe, from Los Angeles, US, told NudePR. “Men end up creating drama and being controlling. “A man is not on my list this year, I’m hoping for more guidance from the universe and to stay focused on my self-care and self-love instead. "For Christmas, I'm going to buy myself a new Tesla model X, fully loaded, and probably some new winter clothes. “Being single around the holidays is great, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and with whoever I want. “I’m not worried about being lonely at all. “I trust the universe will bring the right person into my life at the right time and probably when I least expect it.” Chloe made the decision to ditch men for the foreseeable after her last date ended in disaster. She said: “The guy picked me up in his Rolls Royce and took me to a five-star steakhouse. “We had a delicious dinner, lovely conversation and there was definitely a physical attraction, as well as mental stimulation. “I’m very transparent so I’m always upfront about m

Chloe Amour, the influencer and model, has boldly declared that she will be spending Christmas solo this year, emphasizing her independence by stating she “doesn’t need” a man for the festive season. The 32-year-old model, famed for her strict partner criteria, is opting for a more introspective celebration, treating herself and spending time with loved ones.

With a significant following on Instagram (@realchloeamour), Chloe is no stranger to attention for her partner preferences. With the New Year on the horizon, she is stepping back from romantic engagements, citing a need for universal guidance and a focus on personal well-being.

“I am not looking for a man this Christmas. Men can bring drama and be controlling. This year, I am focusing on self-care and self-love, and I trust that the universe will bring the right person into my life at the right time,” Chloe stated to NudePR.

Chloe plans to celebrate the holidays with treats she has bought for herself, including a luxurious Tesla Model X, and new additions to her wardrobe. She is relishing the freedom that comes with being single during the festive period.

Reflecting on a recent dating experience, Chloe remarked, “I’m proud of my career, and I’m transparent about it. However, my last date ended abruptly when he expressed discomfort with my content creation. I won’t compromise my career for a relationship.”

Despite previously enjoying extravagant gifts from fans, Chloe now stresses the importance of self-love and independence. This Christmas, she is choosing a low-key celebration with her family over lavish getaways.

Chloe’s parting message is one of empowerment, “To all the single women wanting a man for Christmas, you are beautiful and independent. Self-love is the most important thing. Couples, enjoy each other and the present moments without stress. Spend the holidays with those you care about and love the most.”