Vinylly’s recent user survey in December 2023 has offered enlightening perspectives on how Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zers view the influence of music in relationships and social activities.

Music’s universal appeal contrasts with the varied ways it’s experienced and valued across generations. Key aspects of these generational differences are outlined below, with an in-depth analysis available on Vinylly’s blog post about the survey results.

Differing Views on Spotify Wrapped

While 72% of Millennials agree with Spotify Wrapped’s accuracy, only about half of Baby Boomers and Gen Z feel the same. Gen X, feeling largely misunderstood, report just 33% accuracy with Spotify Wrapped.

Relocation for Music Compatibility

Only 17% of Baby Boomers and 22% of Millennials would consider relocating for a partner with similar musical tastes, compared to a higher willingness among 44% of Gen X and 40% of Gen Z.

Music Preferences for Road Trips

Baby Boomers tend to want more control over music selections in the car, unlike the more relaxed Gen X and Millennials. Gen Z prefers a more balanced approach, though not as strict as Baby Boomers.

Concert Attendance: Preferences for Sobriety

A majority of Baby Boomers (83%) and Gen X (61%) prefer sobriety at concerts, a trend less common in 39% of Millennials and 60% of Gen Z, with Millennials being the least likely to stay mostly sober.

Technology Usage at Concerts

There’s a clear generational split on phone usage at concerts – 50% of Gen Z are okay with it, reflecting a shift towards digital integration, as opposed to the 67% of Baby Boomers who prefer a phone-free experience. Millennials tend to share Baby Boomers’ preference for undistracted concert companions.

Physical Attractiveness vs Musical Compatibility

Interestingly, a vast 83% of Baby Boomers and Millennials, and 80% of Gen Z, would choose musical compatibility over physical attractiveness, contrasting with Gen X’s slight inclination towards looks.

“Music is a heartbeat that connects people, and our survey illustrates how deeply it influences relationships across generations,” said Rachel Van Nortwick, CEO and Founder of Vinylly. “From the intimacy of shared playlists to the social fabric of concerts, music weaves people together, and Vinylly is proud to orchestrate these connections.”

The survey’s revelations underscore Vinylly’s unique matchmaking strategy and the complex role music plays in dating and social dynamics.