Story from Jam Press (Porn Family Business) Pictured: Jacob Rivera. 'P*rn is my life – I work 15-hour days but I'm a family man and never miss my son's soccer games' A doting dad, who works 15-hour days in the p*rn industry, says he is a family man first and loves the suburban life. Jacob Rivera doesn’t drink, smoke or party and no one would know what he does for work when he is standing on the side of the pitch cheering for his son at soccer matches. The 43-year-old has worked in the adult industry for 26 years, having first stepped onto a set the day after his 18th birthday. The passion for p*rn actually runs in the family with his dad, two cousins, and little brother, all having starred in such movies – while Jacob himself, and his older brother, prefer to work behind the camera and run Filthy Kings, their search engine. He lives with his wife, [not named for privacy reasons], of nearly two decades and their two sons aged 16 and 22 [not named for privacy reasons] in Miami, which has been crowned the “OnlyFans capital of the US” – with 1,110 creators for every 100,000 residents, according to one study.* “I had an awareness of my family working in p*rn from a young age,” he told Jam Press. “It wasn’t taboo or strange in our household. “If anything, I was annoyed that I couldn’t watch my cousin’s films for a laugh, since it was all on VHS back then. “After my 18th birthday, I was asked to work as a set runner – what teenager doesn’t want to earn $150 a day to be around naked women and fun people? “I have always loved problem-solving and working with equipment and using my hands, so it was the technical side of filming that really caught my eye. “I learned about production, picked up a camera and sound skills, and earned good money. “Once older, I considered moving industry to film for commercials and music videos, but they are long days with complicated payment terms. “For a p*rn shoot, the time on set is short

Jacob Rivera, at 43, is an entrepreneur in the adult industry and a dedicated father, living an extraordinary life that balances his professional success in adult entertainment with a family-oriented lifestyle in Miami’s suburbs. His 26-year career in the adult industry is marked by a strong commitment to his family values.

Rivera began his career in adult entertainment at 18 and has since emerged as a prominent figure. His family’s involvement in the industry is extensive, with relatives including his father, cousins, and younger brother having acted in adult films. Jacob, alongside his older brother, manages Filthy Kings, a leading adult content search engine, choosing to remain behind the camera.

Despite his profession, Rivera leads a surprisingly conventional family life. “When I’m not filming or working on the business, I am a normal guy. I go to my son’s soccer matches, work out, and spend quality time with my family,” he says, highlighting the normality of his everyday life outside of work.

Jacob’s role as a father remains a priority alongside his career. He speaks fondly of how his relationship with his wife began, sharing a deep connection over her son from a previous relationship. His meticulous scheduling ensures he balances his demanding job with his responsibilities as a father. “I live for my jiu-jitsu practice, and I’m proud to support my wife to be a stay-at-home mom. To the outside, we are a normal suburban family – our neighbors have no idea I’m a p*rn boss driving off to work to shoot movies, and that suits me fine,” he reveals.

Currently the owner of Filthy Kings, Jacob envisions transitioning his focus towards mentoring new talent and diversifying into real estate and house flipping. His story is a testament to the complexity and depth of individuals in the adult industry, demonstrating that professional choices do not hinder one’s dedication to family.