Pansophical, a musical venture created by Dave Thomas and Eric Nash Schermerhorn, is set to unveil its debut album “Pay it Forward” on December 24th. The album, described as a ‘Musical Children’s Story… for Adults’, will make its entrance in digital music stores, marking a new chapter in the realm of musical storytelling.

This collaboration between the two seasoned artists merges music with spoken voice advertising, creating a unique tapestry of story narratives with both modern and ancient instruments, enveloped in an immersive sound design.

Termed as Musical Storytelling, this genre stands apart by stimulating the listener’s imagination, leading to a transformative perspective on shared narratives.

Dave Thomas, a showbiz veteran with an illustrious 50-year career, has voiced thousands of commercials worldwide. His diverse experience encompasses writing, directing, voice acting, dance, comedy, theatre, anime, and documentaries.

Eric Nash’s musical journey, which started at age 12, catapulted him into the limelight when he joined David Bowie’s Tin Machine tour. His prowess in guitar playing and songwriting fostered collaborations with stars like Iggy Pop, THE THE, and Seal.

Their collaboration, initiated by a mutual agent, explores new storytelling dimensions, weaving music with modern-day ‘Aesop’s fables’ for a contemporary audience. Their objective is to create impactful content that reshapes thoughts and contributes to a better world.

Dave Thomas articulates his vision: “These songs and words aren’t separated by blank empty pauses, they are knitted together with the song of nature. Music, story, and nature are scaffolding that shares one simple message; evolutionarily speaking, we as a species haven’t stopped evolving. It isn’t about me, it’s not about you, it’s about us, all of us. We can do better. Pansophy is a path to get there.”

For this project, Dave enlisted the expertise of Orbel Babyan, a master of Middle Eastern and North African string instruments like the oud and setar.

Dave reflects on the creative process: “In our first record session, I asked Eric and Babyan to speak through their guitars. Improvised conversations became songs, and music seemed to be born from thin air or wisps of smoke. It was magic. The striking result is organic, precise new music.

“Musical Storytelling deserves a genre of its own and it is our hope that we can contribute towards that recognition with this album. My voice has convinced people to spend trillions of dollars over my career – now I’m using it for something positive.”

Pre-launch reviews of the album have been overwhelmingly positive, with listeners describing it as ‘a musical journey that transcends the ordinary’ and ‘a very tranquil, grounding, relaxing, enjoyable and enriching experience’.

“Pansophical’s” first album, “Pay it Forward”, will be available in digital music stores from December 24th.