Building a successful music career nowadays is not as easy as it seems. Although technologies allow everyone to share their music on the internet, they also make it hard to achieve real success. The thing is that the number of songs on Spotify is so huge that a significant part of this music never reaches its target audience. So, if you want to secure yourself a place in this industry, you need to take additional measures to make your songs stand out. SoundCloud promotion is the best way to find your audience. 

Why is it worth choosing SoundCloud? 

SoundCloud is one of the top music streaming services, and there are several reasons to use it:

  • It has a considerable number of listeners. SoundCloud is a user-friendly platform that offers its users access to a large number of songs from both niche artists and well-known musicians.
  • It is a free platform, which makes it so popular among the audience
  • it is an excellent place for a beginning musician to find his first loyal listeners
  • It is an effective way to broaden your outreach. So, if you already use some other streaming service, you should still consider SoundCloud because the more platforms you use, the bigger your potential audience is!

Now that we know why it’s worth using SoundCloud, let’s discuss how and why to promote your music there?

As mentioned above, SoundCloud’s audience is really huge. So, although it is potentially an advantage as you get a chance to build a huge fanbase, you’ll have to try really hard to get noticed there. SoundCloud promotion allows you to improve your visibility, meaning more people can see your songs. We all understand that not getting enough plays and likes often has nothing to do with the equality of your music. If you struggle with finding the listeners, you probably just don’t know how to reach them. SoundCloud promotion uses the platform’s algorithms to push your songs forward and make them more visible to its users. 

There are various types of SoundCloud promotion you can choose from.

  • SoundCloud plays. It’s probably the most popular way to promote your songs on SoundCloud and find your audience. Such promotions work great if you have a new release and want to attract the audience’s attention to that particular song, or for example if you have one song that is most likely to become a hit. In such cases, you can focus on promoting this one special song and maximize its chances of getting to the top charts. And if it does, the traffic will come naturally to your account.
  • SoundCloud likes is another way of promoting a specific song. It works well for beginning artists with a small discography. In such cases, you can promote a few songs at once and attract the great attention of the audience, even with a small number of songs uploaded.
  • SoundCloud subscribers are another type of promotion. When buying subscribers, you are boosting the statistics of your SoundCloud account without focusing on specific songs. In that case, you promote yourself as an artist. Which is also a crucial step in building your audience. To build a music career, it’s not enough to produce good music; you also need to establish yourself as an artist and make sure that people associate your music with your person. When they see a real person standing behind the songs, it’s easier for them to understand you and want to support your music.

How do I get an efficient SoundCloud promotion?

When investing in SoundCloud promotion, you need to make sure that you’re paying for the promotion that rings special effects. Finding a good promotion service is critical. A great example of a service offering efficient SoundCloud promotion at a reasonable price is PromoSound. The patron provides various promotions for streaming services and many promotion packages that will suit everyone’s needs. The promotion is based on over 10 years of experience in the field, and the effective results are proven by the statistics available for anyone on the service’s website. When investing in promotion, you need to pay attention to such things as user reviews and statistics because not only do they prove the reliability of a service, but they also give you a guarantee. When you find a good service, you’ll have to choose the type of promotion depending on your goal – artist promotion or boosting a specific song and your budget. When it comes to budget, the situations can be different. Some musicians can invest great money to get a quick boost, but if you prefer to play safe and your budget is not that big, you can still choose a promotion suitable for you and ensure its effectiveness.

Believe me, any promotion is much better than no promotion at all. Try the SoundCloud promotion today, and I assure you, the recognition will come really soon.