Veyond Inc., a pioneer in virtual human innovation, proudly announces the debut of its “Unoun” virtual human project. Unoun is a vibrant virtual entity, drawing inspiration from the “Neo Tokyo” and “Harajuku Kawaii” movements.

Unoun brings to life a distinct character and perspective, with a goal to internationalise the allure of “Kawaii.” Veyond is poised to roll out a broad array of content covering music, video, fashion, gaming, illustrations, and traditional crafts, demonstrating Unoun’s versatility and artistic potential.

“Unoun” stands tall at 160cm and transcends the role of an artist to become a creative collaborator, eager to forge partnerships across music, video, fashion, gaming, illustrations, and traditional crafts. He embodies a virtual creator with a profound admiration for “Kawaii” culture, Japanese Otaku culture, music, and art.

Furthermore, Veyond introduces a fresh ensemble of 3 Vtubers, crafted to offer unparalleled entertainment experiences through their streams and content, centred around music, fashion, and gaming.

  • Will stream titles like Dead by Daylight, Overwatch, Backpack Battles, and more.
  • YouTubeX, and Twitch Profiles
Emera is the self-proclaimed eternal 19-year-old, influenced by the Heisei era internet, with a passion for “kawaii culture” and Lolita fashion.
  • Will stream titles like The Idolmaster Shiny Colors Song for Prism, Genshin Impact, Fashion Dreamer, and more.
  • YouTubeX, and Twitch Profiles
Rubiana is a vampire with a love for murder mysteries and Japanese subculture, combining noble origins with a down-to-earth attitude.
  • Will stream titles like Apex Legends, Poker Chase, Mahjong Soul, Exit 8 and more.
  • YoutubeX, and Twitch profiles

To commemorate the launch of its inaugural generation of talents, Veyond is orchestrating a social media giveaway, exclusively for residents of Japan, with 12 lucky participants set to win exclusive rewards. To partake, entrants must interact with the campaign posts of each talent and follow their accounts, with the competition concluding on March 22 at 23:59.