Social media influencer Kaylee Killion, celebrated for her bold escapades in nature, and her fiancé Cody Nelson have stirred up controversy with their recent conduct in Zion Park, Utah. The couple faced backlash for their intimate behaviour amidst the park’s sacred geological formations.

Killion, who commands an impressive Instagram following, is synonymous with boundary-pushing adventures. Yet, her recent actions in Zion Park—a site venerated for its religious significance and known as the “Heavenly City of God”—have provoked dismay among various religious factions and visitors. The breathtaking vistas of the park are thought to embody the grandeur of the divine.

The duo teased their audacious plans on social media, sharing snippets of their provocative intentions before their trip. Conscious of the legal risks, they nonetheless embraced the allure of engaging in taboo activities in such a remarkable setting.

In a reflection on her religious background, Killion described their behaviour as a departure from mainstream norms, a celebration of autonomy. She remarked, “Our actions were not meant to cause offence but to celebrate the natural splendour of our surroundings in our own way.”

While Killion has garnered praise from some followers for her unapologetic pursuit of freedom, others have criticized her for disrespecting the spiritual integrity of Zion Park. In spite of the divisive reactions, Killion remains committed to exploring and documenting her ventures into outdoor intimacy for her audience.