The Lumen Prize, known for honouring the best in digital and technology-infused art, is excited to launch its 13th Call for Entries, set for March 7th at 17:00 BST.

Initiated in 2012, The Lumen Prize and its affiliate, Lumen Art Projects, have significantly contributed to the global promotion and understanding of digital art. The essence of the Lumen mission is clear: to forge an international platform that overcomes geographical barriers and supports artists universally.

“Lumen is more than just an award; it’s a gateway to a world of opportunities…from collaborations, exhibitions, commissions, and events organized by Lumen [Studios] globally. The commitment to artist development is evident in every aspect of the prize,” highlighted Carla Rapoport, the visionary behind Lumen.

For this edition, The Lumen Prize is proud to offer an increased prize fund of $18,000, divided among five main categories:

  • Still Image – $1,500 Prize Fund
  • Interactive Immersive – $1,500 Prize Fund
  • Impact – $1,500 Prize Fund
  • Moving Image – $1,500 Prize Fund
  • Futures – $1,500 Prize Fund

Additionally, the contest features four unique awards, to be determined by the esteemed panel of judges:

  • Lumen Gold Award – $7,500 Prize Fund
  • BCS Award – $1,000 Prize Fund (Sponsor: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT)
  • Kunstsilo Award – $1,000 Prize Fund (Sponsor: KUNSTSILO)
  • Carla Rapoport Award – $1,000 Prize Fund

Artists from across the globe are encouraged to participate, offering them a stage to exhibit their creativity and innovative prowess at the intersection of art and technology. In the past, Lumen has celebrated the innovative work of digital artists such as Refik Anadol, Casey Reas, and Operator, who have set new standards in the field of technological art.

The Call for Entries for the year 2024 begins on March 7th at 17:00 BST, with an Early Bird Entry fee set at $25 per entry until March 31, after which it will increase to $35 per entry until May 25.

For additional information, entry requirements, and updates, please visit or reach out via