Avallain, a stalwart in the educational technology landscape for the past two decades, today reinforced its dedication to the ethical use of generative AI in the educational sector with a series of significant announcements. This includes the strategic acquisition of TeacherMatic and the appointment of a new member to its advisory board.

In a strategic expansion, Avallain has acquired TeacherMatic, a rapidly ascending star in the generative AI tools market for educators within Europe. This acquisition is a key element of Avallain’s comprehensive AI strategy, which also includes advanced features for content remediation and copyright protection, pivotal to its leading content creation application, Avallain Author.

Avallain’s diverse product portfolio allows publishers to fully leverage advanced generative AI technologies while complying with educational, legal, and commercial guidelines. TeacherMatic, over the previous year, has meticulously developed and amassed a broad array of AI tools, aiding educators globally in the creation of tailor-made lesson plans, flashcards, work schemes, and multiple-choice quizzes, all of which can be easily adapted to different curricula. The merger of TeacherMatic with Avallain establishes a formidable partnership, marrying cutting-edge technology with ethical practices in leveraging generative AI for educational purposes.

Ursula Suter, Co-Founder and Executive Chairwoman at Avallain, stated: “We see this joining of forces with TeacherMatic as a crucial step to counter the main risks from generative AI while also benefiting educators and education, in general, in a manner that will cater to high quality educational publishing and learning outcomes.

Peter Kilcoyne, MD at TeacherMatic, remarked: “TeacherMatic was formed by a group of lifelong educators with the aim of making generative AI available and accessible to all teaching staff to help reduce workloads and improve creativity. We are delighted to have been acquired by Avalllain whose expertise and experience in terms of both education and technology will greatly enhance our future developments, improve TeacherMatic as a platform as well as engaging with new markets around the world.

Additionally, Avallain has announced the prestigious appointment of Professor Rose Luckin to its advisory board. Rosemary (Rose) Luckin, a distinguished Professor at University College London and the founder of Educate Ventures Research (EVR), brings to Avallain over three decades of pioneering research and development in AI for Education. Her esteemed work in the design and assessment of educational technology and AI is widely recognized.

Rose commented: “Avallain has, for many years, been the quality engine of education for publishers and content providers. I am delighted to support them and provide guidance and direction for Avallain’s products as we step forward into this exciting era of AI within education.”

In further news, Avallain unveiled the Avallain Lab, with John Traxler appointed as the Academic Director. Traxler, who holds significant positions with the Commonwealth of Learning and UNESCO, will oversee the lab, initiated in 2023, with a mission to conduct comprehensive research and foster innovation in product development across various areas, including learner analytics, accessibility, and ethical AI utilisation. The lab is set to enhance the capabilities of Avallain’s partners and encourages collaborative efforts worldwide to advance educational innovation.

With today’s announcements, Avallain continues to affirm its commitment to responsible and ethical generative AI, a principle already integral to its flagship content creation tool, Avallain Author, and its newly introduced SaaS Learning Management System, Avallain Magnet. Current clients will benefit from innovative tools designed to streamline the editorial workflow, ensuring that the creative and educational integrity is maintained by editors and learning designers.