SnapChip, at the forefront of technological innovation, is delighted to announce the launch of its revolutionary app, designed to significantly reduce the time involved in sourcing electronic components. As the inaugural AI Copilot in this domain, SnapChip employs sophisticated AI algorithms to substantially optimise the sourcing process, enhancing speed, efficiency, and precision.

With the introduction of SnapChip’s AI Copilot, the duration companies allocate for the search of electronic components is set to diminish markedly. The platform, known for its intuitiveness, provides unparalleled improvements in sourcing operations: research of parts is now 50 times quicker, sourcing of the most competitive quotes is 10 times quicker, and the discovery of substitute components is 100 times quicker than traditional sourcing methods.

Everett Frank, CEO of SnapChip, remarked: “We’ve spent a year understanding AI and working with partners to see how it can help electronic component sourcing. The result is SnapChip, which can slash the time spent sourcing. This is a first step towards really transformative gains in the very near future.”

This innovation represents a significant milestone for companies in the electronics manufacturing sector, offering a potent tool to boost efficiency and slash operational costs.

Designed with electronics manufacturers in mind, SnapChip integrates real-time data from OctoPart with parametric information on more than a billion components from Silicon Expert. Utilising the industry’s foremost GPT4 technology from OpenAI, SnapChip ensures unparalleled access to data retrieval and analytical capabilities.