Ahead of the Christmas season, Plates4Less has assembled a Gift Hub, offering a series of guides for those interested in private number plates as gifts. This includes a search guide, a buyer’s guide, a recipient’s guide, an FAQ section, and a Christmas guide. The private number plate market has seen a 30% growth in the past five years, with 40% of Plates4Less customers now opting to give them as gifts. Plates4Less facilitates a straightforward, thorough service for those in search of significant, lasting gifts in the Christmas countdown.

SWANSEA, UK. December 15th, 2023 – As Christmas approaches, Plates4Less rolls out their Plates4Gifts Guide. This guide is tailor-made to streamline the shopping process for those looking to discreetly pick and purchase the perfect number plate gift.

The trend of giving Private Plates as gifts is increasing in the UK, with 40% of Plates4Less’s clientele now choosing number plates for special presents.

At Plates4Less, a complimentary, downloadable certificate is available, ideal for very last-minute gifts. For advance orders, there’s a presentation pack option, where the certificate is placed in a ribbon-tied folder, available for delivery the next working day if ordered by 2pm.

Increasing Demand for Personalised Plates

Antony Clark, Marketing Manager at Plates4Less, speaks on the rising popularity of personalised number plates.

He stated: “Over the past five years, there’s been a significant 30% rise in the demand for private plates. As vehicles become more costly yet remain dependable, many opt for new plates rather than new cars.

“People favour private plates for their personal touch, making their vehicles unique. Our clients often seek plates for better vehicle identification or to improve security against theft.”

Antony Clark, a number plate specialist, notes that a large proportion of private plates are given as gifts.

He explained: “Now, around 40% of our clients buy private number plates as gifts.”

Why Number Plates Make Exceptional Gifts

Antony observed: “Gifts that are both thoughtful and opulent are in high demand, and private plates perfectly fit these criteria. They are also ideal for those who are challenging to shop for.”

Private Plates are enduring gifts, transferable between vehicles, and sometimes appreciate in value.

“With declining interest in experiences and travel gifts, our clients are now more inclined towards tangible gifts. The process of finding and buying a private number plate itself becomes a pleasurable experience,” Antony added.

Choosing a Private Plate for Another

With increased demand, Plates4Less has introduced the Plates4Gifts Hub, designed to assist customers through the buying process.

Antony said: “Our goal is to enable customers to undertake their searches independently, while offering our support and guidance.”

The process, outlined in the Plates4Gifts Hub Search Guide, begins with a basic idea like a name or initials, then expands it with other meaningful elements such as significant numbers or dates.

Professional Recommendations

  1. Assemble and Discuss a Shortlist
    • Compile a list of potential plates, seeking input from the recipient’s friends or family. If the gift is not meant to be a surprise, involve the recipient in the decision process.
  2. If Investment Value is a Consideration
    • For gifts with investment potential, select options with wider appeal, such as names instead of initials, or plates with straightforward or repeating numbers.
  3. Purchase Now for Future Gifting
    • Unique registration marks from Plates4Less can be purchased now for future gifting, even if the recipient doesn’t own a vehicle at the moment.

Plates4Less, a division of VRM Swansea, is a leading agency in the UK for private number plate transactions, holding over 67 million registrations and boasting an advanced search engine. Founded in 1997, the company enjoys an impressive reputation on Trustpilot.

Despite its modest name, Plates4Less facilitated the UK’s most expensive private plate sale in 2022, with a transaction exceeding £600,000.