Slot games are some of the simplest casino games to play and bring a great deal of entertainment, yet there are various things that you should know about them.

Spinning the reels is simple, but what else might you not know about the classic chance-based casino game?

Different slot types

If you’ve ever played a slot game, you may know some of the classic types that you can play, but here you might find some that you weren’t aware existed:

  • Video Slots – These Slots have become some of the most popular types of the chance-based game and you’ll see everything that video Slots have to offer when you play Cygnus 2. They often include five or more reels and numerous pay lines, incorporating advanced graphics and animations.
  • 3D Slots – These are some of the most modern Slots around and utilise 3D effects to level up gameplay. They aren’t as widespread at the moment, but will you be trying a 3D slot game in the future?
  • Progressive Slots – If you wager on one of these Slots, it contributes to a growing jackpot that will eventually have to be won. Due to the chance-based nature of a game, you’ll never know when this will happen, so will you be trying your chances?

Understanding the slot machine

Now that you know some of the different types of Slots, do you understand a slot machine?

Before your next game, it may be useful to understand some of the basic components of a slot machine.

A typical slot game consists of three or more reels that are spun using either a level or pressing the “spin” button.

The reels you’ll see are full of various symbols and the objective of a game is to line up a matching combination of symbols along the pay lines.

But what works behind the scenes of a slot game?

Random Number Generator (RNG)

This is one of the most important elements of a slot game, as it’s the computer program that ensures the outcome of each spin is entirely random and not influenced by previous or future spins.

This program ensures a fair and unbiased time playing, meaning that every spin is purely based on chance.

Return to Player (RTP)

This comes in the form of a percentage and another vital aspect of slot gaming.

It represents the long-term payout percentage that a slot machine is expected to return to players, giving players an idea of what they can expect.

It’s important to remember that this is based on the long run, so it does not predict short-term results.

This percentage also doesn’t mean you will see success if you spin the reels of a game with a high percentage due to the chance-based nature of the games.


Each slot game has different levels of volatility, which helps to give you an idea of what your chosen slot game may offer.

A high volatility slot may offer less frequent success but with the potential for higher prizes, whilst low volatility Slots may offer the complete opposite.

This will help to choose your chosen game based on your preference and bankroll.

There are a few things to understand about slot games and with this information what will be the next game you spin the reels of?