Bovada is among the best and most popular online gambling platforms, renowned for its rewarding loyalty program. This program allows players to earn points for their real money wagering across sports betting, casino games, and poker. Rewards programs like Bovada can significantly impact player retention, directly impacting a platform’s financial success.

This guide will deeply dive into everything you need about Bovada Rewards. We’ll explore how the program works and how you can earn points, unveil the Bovada promo codes, and provide some strategies to maximize your rewards and make the most of your Bovada experience. So, buckle up and get ready to unlock a world of exciting opportunities!

How the Bovada Rewards Program Works

Bovada’s Rewards Program provides a wide range of attractive rewards for its regular players to help them maximize their stakes and winnings. 

New and old players can use this reward system for a fantastic betting experience. Here’s a rundown of how the reward program works:

Earning Points

For every bet you place, Bovada has a point reward system. For example, when you bet $1 on Video Poker games, you get 1 point each. The table below shows more detailed information on the points reward system.


Game Type Bet amount Point reward
Video Poker $1 1
Table Games $1 1
Arcade $1 1
Sports Singles $1 3
Slot Games $1 5
Specialty Games $1 15
Sports Teasers $1 15
Sports Parlays $1 25
Sports Round Robin $1 25
Racebook Straight Wager $1 40
Racebook Exotics/Multiples $1 60


Each bet contributes to your point accumulation, and when you have accumulated 2,500 points, you will be eligible for a cash bonus. These points also assist you in enhancing your player level through lifetime points. Every time you reach a new level, your rewards will improve.

Tier Levels

Bovada also features a tiered structure that unlocks progressively better benefits as you accumulate points. There are six tiers: Starter, Rookie, Pro, All-Star, legend, and Hall of Fame.

Climbing to higher tiers gives you increased cash-back percentages, exclusive bonuses and promotions, faster payouts, and prioritized customer support.

Rewards Redemption

It’s time to reap the rewards once you’ve amassed a comfortable point balance! Bovada offers different ways of redeeming your points, including:

  • Cash Back: You can recover some of your net losses, providing a safety net for your gambling activity.
  • Bonus Funds: You can also boost your bankroll with additional funds to play various games.
  • Free Spins: Take a spin on your favorite slots without risking any of your own money.
  • Tournament Entries: Compete in exclusive tournaments with a chance to win substantial prizes.
  • Merchandise: Treat yourself to branded Bovada apparel and accessories.

No Expiration

Unlike many loyalty programs, Bovada Rewards offers the peace of mind of knowing your points never expire. This allows you to accumulate points at your own pace and redeem them at your convenience without the pressure of losing your rewards.

Additional Perks

Beyond the standard points-based rewards, Bovada offers its loyal members additional perks. These include access to:

  • Exclusive social media groups and forums
  • VIP events and tournaments
  • Dedicated customer support lines
  • Personalized bonus offers and promotions

User Reviews

Here are some specific user reviews to give you a better understanding of different perspectives:

“I love the Bovada Rewards program! It’s so easy to earn points, and the rewards are great. I’ve already redeemed my points for cash back, bonuses, and free spins. I highly recommend it!” – John B.

“The Bovada Rewards program is worth it. I’ve been a member for a few months now and have already earned enough points to redeem for great rewards. I love that my points never expire, so I can use them whenever possible.” – Becca D.

“The Bovada Rewards program is a good idea, but I wish the point-earning rates were better for some games. I also think the redemption rates for certain rewards are too high.” – Willie S.

Note: While the rewards program can be enticing, recent studies show that gambling is addictive and can affect your health and relationships and leave you in debt, so indulge responsibly.  

Bovada Promo Codes

You can apply several codes when making your first deposit to boost your capital and increase your winnings. You can find these codes here: Bovada Promo Codes 

After signing up, apply any of the codes in the link above to get unique bonuses and promotions and have fun betting on your favorite games. You can also click here to watch a detailed guide on how to use the Bovada bonus codes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I redeem my Rewards points?

To redeem your reward points at Bovada, head over to the rewards section on Bovada’s website and click the “Get my Bonus” button. 

You will see the type of rewards you are eligible for on the website, and you can choose any of the options to redeem it.

What are the different tier levels in Bovada Rewards?

Bovada has six tier levels: Starter, Rookie, Pro, All-Star, legend, and Hall of Fame.

Is the Bovada Rewards Program worth it?

Whether or not the Bovada Rewards Program is worth it depends on your playing habits and your expectations in a loyalty program. Overall, thousands of users who have used the platform have received several positive reviews.


The Bovada Rewards Program is an attractive choice for gamers who want to maximize their online gambling experience. Its ease of use, generous rewards, and diverse benefits provide an evident reward for loyalty and engagement. Whether you’re a casual or seasoned player, Bovada Rewards offers something valuable for everyone.