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How to Bet on Multi-Goals Betting Market – Tips from Tim Harrison for UniverseNewsNetwork

For competitive sports, the primary aim of individuals or groups includes defeating opponents, winning or setting records,  and achieving favourable results. You can find situations like this in football where a team needs to outscore the other to win, i.e. the team needs to score more goals than the other team.

In recent years, betting sites have taken advantage of these competitive sports by providing a platform allowing bettors to wager on a game’s outcome. One of the numerous wagers bettors can play on betting sites is ‘Multi-goals betting’. Betting sites in Trinidad and Tobago offer this betting market. It involves betting on a particular goal range as provided by the bookmaker.

Tim Harrison, a betting expert at BetZillion, spoke with Universe News Network about the multi-goal market and what it entails.

What does Multi-Goals Betting Market Entail?

In multi-goals betting, the punter selects a range of goals to be scored in a game. For instance, choose a 1-3 multi-goal line on your preferred bookmaker. If you pick this multi-goal line, your wager will be successful if the game has one, two, or three goals. Anything asides, the bookmaker records your game as a loss.

Additionally, it doesn’t consider the team that wins or scores the most but the goal range scored in the match. Also, this betting market covers a 90 minutes and additional minutes game but not extra time or penalty shoot-outs.

Variants of the Multi-Goals Betting Market

The multi-goals betting market has different variants, including:

  • the home team multi-goals, 
  • 1st half multi-goals, 
  • 2nd half multi-goals, 
  • and away team multi-goals.

Home Team Multi-Goals

It is a wager on the 1st or home team to score a selected goal range. They must achieve two, three, or four goals without exceeding the scope. For instance, if you’re backing a specific team in the Trinidad and Tobago Professional League, playing in front of the home crowd or being placed as the first team on a betting site for the 2-4 multi-goals range.

Here is a typical example between Cunupia FC and Defence Force FC: 

1st Half Multi-Goals

1st half multi-goals is a bet on the selected range of goals to be scored by both teams in the first half of the game. So, if you choose the 1-2 1st-half multi-goals option, you’re expecting one or two goals in the first 45 minutes of the game. Anything lower or higher than this will result in a loss.

2nd Half Multi-Goals

It is pretty similar to the 1st half multi-goals, but in this case, you’re choosing a selected goal range for the second 45 minutes of the game. For instance, a 3-4 multi-goals range means that both teams need to record three or four goals in the second half of a game for the bet to be successful.

Away Team Multi-Goals

It is a wager on a game’s second or visiting team to score a selected goal range. So if you choose the 3-6 goal range, the visiting team needs to score three, four, five, or six goals for your bet to be successful. If the away side fails to achieve within this range, your stakes will be unsuccessful.

Advantages of Multi-Goals Betting

There are various benefits to betting on the multi-goal betting market. We will check out some of them below.

  1. Simple to Comprehend

Its simplicity is one of the reasons why bettors love to use this betting market. Other things like the game’s final outcome or the team that scores the most goals don’t matter. You only have to know the goals that fall in your selected range.

Also, multi-goals wagers can be less complicated than wagers on Asian handicaps, correct scores, etc.

  • Flexible

It’s a flexible option that accommodates all levels of punters. It is because you don’t have to pick an exact score but choose from many Multi-goals betting ranges available on the bookmaker.

  • Statistics Are Beneficial

Statistics like win percentage and goalscoring records can be beneficial when placing multi-goals bets. Looking at these statistics, you can determine the strength of the team and its possibility of scoring a specific goal range.

How to Place Multi-Goals Bets

Placing multi-goals bets is similar to how bettors bet using the various betting markets. Choose a reputable sportsbook in Trinidad and Tobago and create an account. Then select a particular game. Under the game, the bookmaker will provide you with many betting options; select the multi-goals market or any of its variants and click the odds. Choose as many games as you want. Finally, enter your stake amount and submit your bet. It’s that simple.

Factors to Consider When Placing Multi-Goals Bet

Before you consider placing a multi-goals bet, there are several factors to look out for. Here are some of them.

Team’s Performance in Recent Games

Before selecting your multi-goals bet, conducting proper research on the team you intend to wager on is vital. You need to look at their performance in their previous games to see if they’re the type that scores goals or not.

Weather Condition

The weather condition is also a crucial factor that can tell the outcome of your multi-goals bet. Players may find it difficult to perform to their best when they have to play under harsh weather conditions or a water-logged field, affecting the number of goals expected in a goal.

Context of the Game

Managers tend to rest their best players for friendly games or less important matches but start a strong squad for a crucial game. The quality of players on the pitch will tell whether the match will record enough goals. So, punters need to be aware of the context of a game to help them place multi-goals bets.

Follow Team News

Following team news would help you make essential decisions as regards your bet. The unavailability of a team’s lethal striker, suspension of an important player, lineups, or injuries can affect the rate of goalscoring in a match. Knowing these will help you make informed decisions concerning your multi-goals bet.


The multi-goals market is simple to understand and can be profitable if you know how to use statistics. Also, it’s simple for new users to comprehend. Furthermore, it provides various subtypes, making betting on this option flexible. However, we offered this guide to help you understand how the betting market works and the factors to consider before placing your bets. If you are yet to read this guide, here is a chance to do so.