Every year, movies for all tastes are shown on movie screens. Detectives, romantic comedies, action, or sci-fi films – everyone will be able to find something that will bring them the maximum pleasure of viewing. However, not all of the released pieces are considered to be good. Because of this, finding a movie can be difficult because the risk of stumbling across a disappointing project is relatively high. We have compiled a list of five movies that are masterpieces. They are worth watching at least once in a lifetime.

Top 5 Movies Of All Time

To date, many exciting and decent films have been released. They deserve the attention of the audience. Many of them have won important film awards like the Golden Globes and the Oscars. For more information on the latter, visit britannica.com. Their leading roles are played by talented and in-demand actors who have earned worldwide recognition and raised the art of cinematography to a whole new level. Films have become a significant link in world culture because of their merits and ability to perform highly authentically regardless of the role or the script. Check out the table below with a selection of the top five movies that have won the hearts of millions and earned the title of the best and most unique films of all time in this great art form.


Ranking in the top Title Year of release Director Genre
1 The Shawshank Redemption 1994 Frank Darabont drama
2 The Lord of the Rings trilogy 2001, 2002, 2003 Peter Jackson action, adventure, drama
3 The Ocean Trilogy 2001, 2004, 2007 Steven Soderbergh comedy, crime, adventure
4 The Godfather 1972 Francis Ford Coppola detective, drama
5 Pretty Woman 1990 Harry Marshall comedy, melodrama


The main character in this picture is the prisoner Andy Dufresne. He is serving a sentence in a penal colony for a double murder. Once in jail, he cannot figure out how to build his future life as a prisoner. Nevertheless, despite all the hardships and tribulations that fate has prepared for him, the character gradually establishes his existence in prison. This picture can be enlightening, showing that even the most severe suffering ends one day. Its title can be interpreted not just as an escape from the penal institution but as salvation in the spiritual sense.

The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

The three films in The Lord of the Rings series are a must-see for those who love fantasy pictures. They perfectly combine a magical line, an adventure story, and even love affairs. The audience loves these projects so much that some viewers are ready to watch The Lord of the Rings online lifetime. They can still sometimes be found on big screens in cinemas, one of the leading indicators of success.

The entire collection of films about Frodo Baggins and his adventures with the ring of omnipotence features:

  • the first part: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring;
  • The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers is the second part;
  • and finally, the third one, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

The film is based on the story of Frodo, a little hobbit who must complete the difficult and, at times, impossible task of destroying the ring of omnipotence. This is necessary to get the final victory over its creator – the dark lord Sauron who wants to enslave all of Middle-earth. The protagonist’s grandfather (a hobbit called Bilbo) once found the ring in the cave of Gollum, which he accidentally visited during his adventures with the horde of dwarves.

Viewers who have appreciated this fantasy trilogy should watch the series of movies called The Hobbit. They represent a prequel to the events of The Lord of the Rings and tell an exciting and enlightening story of how Bilbo Baggins, along with thirteen dwarves, made it to the Lonely Mountain and fought Smaug the dragon.

The Ocean Trilogy

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The Godfather

This film is rightfully considered the best gangster movie ever made. It was released over 50 years ago but still provides a terrific viewing experience. Viewers were captivated by the brilliant performance of the actors and the masterfully written script. The picture tells the story of the Corleone Mafia family that immigrated to America. The main storyline focuses on Vito’s youngest son Michael Corleone who gradually transforms into an honest mafioso.

Pretty Woman

A light romantic comedy occupies the last line in the rating. The leading roles are played by Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. They play people with two completely different backgrounds – a girl who makes her living as a prostitute and a billionaire. However, this did not prevent them from finding common ground, which sparked love later.