Job interviews are stressful enough. You don’t want to add to it by rushing to the venue and arriving all sweaty. It’s vital that you arrive early enough that you’ll look relaxed and professional. But not too early that the interviewer will feel pressured.

It’s important that you plan your day so you arrive with time to spare. So how early should you be for an interview? 

The Best Time to Arrive

It’s best practice for job applicants to arrive early for the interview. The ideal time frame is 15 to 20 minutes before your scheduled interview. It gives you time to freshen up. You can also complete any paperwork the office requires. Arriving early also gives you the opportunity to go over your CV and organize your thoughts.

You should approach the reception area once you arrive even if you’re early. The receptionist or secretary will then let the HR personnel know you’re there and available.

Best Way to Handle a Request to Arrive Early

The recruiting firm might ask you to arrive for the interview early. Look at the request as a schedule change. If you’re asked to arrive 20 minutes early for your 10 AM schedule, your new interview time is 9:40 AM. This means you should be there by 9:25 AM at the latest. That’s 15 minutes before the rescheduled time.

It’s not uncommon for HR to ask an applicant to arrive earlier for an interview. They might have a form for you to fill out. The extra time will allow them to enter your data into their office system. They might also ask you to answer a survey or eligibility form.

3 Reasons to Arrive Early

There are many reasons why you should arrive early for your interview. Impressing the hiring manager is one of them.

·         Gives You Time to Find Your Destination

Looking for specific companies in Seattle is harder than you think. You can’t rely on traffic navigation apps 100%. Not all are up to date. You must also consider possibilities like traffic or your phone battery dying. It’s why you should also print out directions to your destination. Make sure you include the recruiting company’s contact information. You might need to call them to ask for help.

·         You Can Center Yourself

Arriving with time to spare gives you a chance to de-stress. You can collect your thoughts and consider how you will answer questions. You can also go to the bathroom to freshen up. Drink water to hydrate yourself. Going into the interview in a calm manner is to your benefit.

·         Show Them What You Got

The recruiting manager is forming an opinion even before the interview starts. Arriving early makes a good first impression. So is greeting the receptionist in a polite manner. How you act before the interview hints at how you might behave later on.

The interview process is always nerve-wracking. But the right preparation will help you make a good impression. You can do this by arriving early.