Business Waste becomes the first UK company to recycle foil

Business Waste proudly announces its position as the UK’s first provider of recycling services for foil and labels.

Challenging to recycle, waste foil in most cases ends up incinerated. But has developed a recycling pathway that converts polymer-based label waste and foil printing waste into new, recycled products.

Paper label waste also undergoes a process of shredding, mixing, and transformation into recycled paper of various grades.

The recycling process for foil printing waste includes the collection of waste reels, their transportation to a recovery facility for weighing and documentation, followed by the separation of paper for individual recycling. The material then undergoes shredding, contamination checks, and finally, transformation into recycled products.

Business Waste offers comprehensive recycling solutions for all forms of waste from foil printing. This includes aluminium foil, polymer film, printer reels, polymer label waste, paper label waste, cardboard, and carton board. They provide complimentary containers for the storage and disposal of foils and labels, with collection services available throughout the UK at any time. Clients also benefit from receiving a ‘Free duty of care’ certificate and a ‘Free zero waste to landfill’ certificate.

A notable collaboration in foil recycling is with the OPM Group, a Leeds-based printer specializing in self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging for food and FMCG sectors. OPM Group has introduced new methods and equipment to store and recycle production waste, markedly decreasing landfill deposits.

This collaboration has resulted in OPM Group achieving the Zero Labels 2 Landfill and Zero Foil 2 Landfill certifications from Business Waste.

Mark Hall, co-founder of, comments: “We recognize that many companies have historically faced challenges with sustainably disposing of foils and labels, often resorting to incineration. We are extremely excited to now offer a more environmentally friendly recycling option for these materials, benefiting both our clients and the planet.”

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