NODABL Networks, Inc. (NODABL), a leading provider of managed private LTE and 5G networks, is delighted to announce the establishment of a bespoke LTE network for the Port O’Connor Improvement District (POCID). This initiative marks the first deployment of such a sophisticated network by a Texas Municipal Utility District, aiming to enhance the water and sewage services within the Port O’Connor community.

Leveraging the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (Band 48) spectrum and integrating Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud technology, the network delivers secure, private cellular connections to POCID’s comprehensive array of fixed and mobile assets throughout the area. The innovative network ensures connectivity for assets located as far as four and a half miles from the base station and is designed with a forward-looking approach, being software upgradable to 5G.

The network is primarily designed to robustly support POCID’s complex operational requirements and the expanding needs of its SCADA systems. It also offers First Responders within its coverage the potential use of the network as a contingency for data communications in emergency scenarios.

Mr. Danny McGuire, President of the POCID Board, commented on the development: “Implementation of the network by NODABL and Victoria Communication Services (VCS) brings us one step closer to our vision of expanding SCADA to additional sites and leveraging technology to provide our staff with mobile, real-time operational visibility. We are happy to additionally serve our community by providing an option for back-up connectivity to First Responders during emergencies.

Echoing this sentiment, Dr. Aroon Tungare, CEO of NODABL, stated: “NODABL is pleased to be of service to such a forward-thinking municipal organization. This deployment demonstrates that private LTE and 5G networks are cost-effective and make business sense for even smaller organizations and communities. The Port O’Connor private LTE network can be the model for other Municipal Utility Districts and communities not just throughout Texas but across the nation.”