Life Flight Called After Two Brothers Attacked by a Dog in Houston
Belgian malinois shepherd dog growling and threatening showing her teeth in anger.

Houston is on top of the list when it comes to dog bite cases. A survey done in 2022 revealed that there were 57 dog bite incidents in Houston, which has led the nation in the yearly USPS rankings in five of the past six years.

Houston residents need to be aware. Their city has gained its little as the number one area in domestic animal attacks against people. Most of these victims seek Houston dog bite lawyer services after the incidents.

One recent incident is that of two brothers who were attacked by an aggressive dog. The incident forced the authorities to call a life flight to help save their life. What happened before the dog attack and how were the two brothers rescued? Here is the whole story!

What Happened Before the Dog Attacked the Two Brothers?

Before the attack, the two men were playing with the dog. One was bitten in the leg and the other on the neck, as well as, face. Authorities were required by the first responders to provide their support. The aggressive animal was loose outside its home. The incident occurred in the highlands area on N Battlebell Road.

Life flight service providers’ availability was highly required, and during the rescue, technicians were trapped in a building on a serious dog bite. On the other hand, the animal was loose outside, so they didn’t have room to get back to the ambulance.

How Were the Two Brothers Rescued?

HCSO sergeants found the animal by the front door and shot it after it continued to show indications of aggression. They said that the dog was still aggressive. It attacked two men, critically injuring one of them.

The main priority here was to protect human life over all other situations. That means the sergeant took the necessary action to ensure these men got their way to the hospital to get high-quality medical care.

The man who was critically injured was taken to Memorial Hermann using the life flight while the other went by ambulance. At last check, these two men were stable, meaning they were recovering perfectly from the dog bite injuries.

The owner of the dog self-confessed that they acquired the dog three months ago from someone in the neighborhood. A friend and next-door neighbor of the animal attack victims said that he is still fighting with other dogs on the same property.

Dog owners in Houston are requested to secure their animals before their guests arrive. They can do so by either:

  • Keeping them in a well-fenced-in area
  • On a leash or
  • Away from the front doors of their homes.

Children are also requested not to play with dogs. And if they have to, their parents or guardians must be available.

When guests arrive, dogs that aren’t leashed or secured can easily become unpredictable and a nemesis and attack. Dog owners should follow the law to allow visitors to visit them and safely leave their homes or premises.