Farida Hassanali

Image: Farida Hassanali, Client Relationship Manager at Paradigm Norton

To commemorate International Women’s Month and the theme #InspireInclusion for International Women’s Day, Paradigm Norton, a prominent financial planning firm, takes pride in emphasizing its dedication to empowering women within the realm of financial planning.

Farida Hassanali, Client Relationship Manager at Paradigm Norton, emphasises the transformative impact of encouraging women to embrace their role as investors. “With the right education resources, women can use that knowledge to be just as confident as men, and once encouraged, they are significantly more likely to invest. And they are likely to be successful,” states Hassanali. Research by Fidelity Investments shows that women consistently achieve better investment returns than men, by an average margin of 0.4% source.

Recognising the pivotal role women often play as the ‘CEO of the household,’ making daily financial decisions, Paradigm Norton understands the importance of building confidence in long-term wealth planning. Advisers at Paradigm Norton proactively engage with women, acknowledging their unique financial perspectives and goals.

Farida Hassanali shares insights into their approach, stating, “We always default to speaking with couples together, but setting up separate meetings with both parties early in the relationship can really make a difference in helping both partners feel more engaged and comfortable in the process that follows.”

Paradigm Norton’s commitment to #InspireInclusion goes beyond traditional financial planning. The firm is dedicated to fostering an environment where women feel empowered, informed, and confident in their financial decisions. By acknowledging and addressing the distinct financial roles women often hold, Paradigm Norton aims to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable financial landscape.

“At Paradigm Norton, we adopt a unique approach to financial planning. We coach our clients to consider the broader perspective of their life goals and the significant impacts they can make with their wealth. We take pride in the fact that our team is made up of 56% females, and a third of our financial planners are women. This is a significant shift in an industry where the norm is 84% male financial advisors” Barry Horner, CEO of Paradigm Norton, an award-winning financial planning firm (Source: Personal Finance Society)

As International Women’s Day approaches, Paradigm Norton reaffirms its dedication to empowering women in financial planning and looks forward to continuing to champion inclusion in the years to come.

Please note investing places your capital at risk and the value of investments may fall or rise. You should seek competent advice before taking any action.

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