SML, a pioneering force in RFID innovation globally, announced today the introduction of its novel solution, ClarityⓇ Food, designed to aid grocers and quick service restaurant (QSR) industries in reducing food waste. Renowned for its cutting-edge RFID solutions in retail and supply chains, SML’s technology is currently employed by over 7,500 stores for inventory management and operational efficiency, handling 500 million items weekly.

Grocery and QSR sectors face a continual challenge with effective inventory management, which is pivotal for customer satisfaction. The perishability of food items further exacerbates the risk of substantial waste, evidenced by the billions of pounds of food discarded annually by grocery stores for being less than fresh.

As highlighted by recycling firm RTS, US retail outlets annually produce about 16 billion pounds of food waste, with 40% of the total food waste attributed to grocers, restaurants, and food service businesses.

ClarityⓇ Food software is engineered to achieve 93-99% inventory accuracy and aims to slash QSR food waste by 48%. It assists stakeholders in efficiently managing perishable food products, ensuring compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) through real-time traceability. This transformative solution addresses pivotal industry aspects, boosts efficiency, and delivers a demonstrable return on investment (ROI).

Key characteristics of ClarityⓇ Food include:

  • Food Traceability with RFID Technology: ClarityⓇ Food heralds a new era in the food supply chain transparency with advanced RFID technology. Grocers can now trace each product with unmatched visibility from the source to the consumer.
  • Waste Management: ClarityⓇ Food enables supply chain operators to manage and optimise waste effectively. This tool aids in pinpointing inefficiencies, streamlining processes, and diminishing environmental impact, leading to sustainable and cost-efficient operations.
  • Real-Time Visibility for Smart Inventory: With ClarityⓇ Food, grocery retailers can stay ahead of the competition through real-time supply chain and back-of-store insights. This capability allows for informed decisions, reducing the risks of stockouts or excess inventory.
  • Best Before Date Precision: ClarityⓇ Food ensures accurate tracking of best-before dates, reducing the incidence of expired products in stock. This feature not only maintains product quality but also supports regulatory compliance.
  • Proven Return on Investment: Implementing ClarityⓇ Food results in a tangible ROI. By enhancing food traceability, streamlining waste management, providing real-time visibility, and ensuring best-before date accuracy, ClarityⓇ Food enables retailers to operate at optimal levels, boosting profitability.

Dean Frew, CTO & Senior Vice President, RFID Solutions at SML Group, remarked: “SML’s Clarity® RFID solutions have created tangible benefits for retailers globally. With ongoing waste in the food industry, our leadership in RFID technology is set to be a transformative force for food retailers.”

“Committed to excellence, we continually aim to redefine industry standards and enable businesses for enduring success. SML ClarityⓇ Food is setting a new benchmark in efficiency, sustainability, and profitability for the food and QSR industries.”