Polonez America

Polonez America, one of the leaders in the international shipping industry, is continuously developing, offering modern and fast services. Nevertheless, some things are still prohibited (for a reason!).

Polonez America (www.polonezamerica.com) offers a wide range of services, including personal shipments, container rentals, commercial cargo, and vehicle shipment via air or ocean.

Some items are prohibited from being sent to Poland due to various reasons such as safety concerns, security risks, and legal regulations. These restrictions are in place to prevent harm to individuals, the environment, or national security. They also aim to ensure compliance with international laws and agreements.

For instance, some items may pose health hazards, while others could be potential security threats. Moreover, certain goods may be subject to import/export regulations or restrictions to protect domestic industries or cultural heritage. Overall, these measures are essential for maintaining safety, security, and legal compliance in international trade and transportation.

When preparing parcels for shipping to Poland, it’s crucial to be aware of prohibited items for shipping to Poland from the USA to ensure compliance with international regulations and facilitate a smooth shipping process. Below is a comprehensive guide on items that cannot be sent through Polonez America to Poland.

Firearms And Weaponry

Firearms, signal guns, air guns, gas arms; ammunition; weapon parts & accessories among others are strictly forbidden from being shipped to Poland.

Controlled Substances

International shipping does not allow narcotics, psychotropic substances, drugs, food supplements and vitamins because they are not permitted.

Hazardous Materials

Any radioactive materials, explosives, corrosive substances, flammable liquids, etc, are unsafe and hence banned.

Biological and Restricted Items

Among the restricted items there include live animals, plants, seeds, foods, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, tobacco, nicotine, human remains, organs, antiques, jewelry, precious metals, stones, works of art, money, cash, postage stamps.

Other Prohibited Items

Products or publications containing obscene content or pornography are prohibited, as well as those listed under the World Association of Transport (WAT), while some need export licenses.


By following these guidelines, senders can have a compliant shipping process, avoiding possible delays or confiscations. When you use Polonez America’s services, you can rely on having your package safely transported and promptly delivered to Poland without compromising both the sender’s integrity and the recipient’s connection state.