Mind Food Body Ltd, under the leadership of Hanna Longstaff, is excited to present its new online course, “Beat The Binge-Eating Trap.” Hanna, an expert in recovery coaching for binge-eating and bulimia, introduces the MFB METHOD in this program, offering fast and effective solutions for those seeking to conquer binge-eating.

Since its establishment in August, Mind Food Body Ltd has quickly risen to prominence, particularly among executives and corporate professionals, securing five coaching clients right off the bat.

Hanna Longstaff’s own experience with binge-eating, which started in January 1990, demonstrates the efficacy of her methods. After enduring the harmful consequences of binge-eating, Hanna resolved to change her life in October 2010, starting a journey of self-growth.

Hanna invested heavily in her personal development, spending over £50,000 on various courses and events, including learning from globally recognised figures like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Bob Proctor, and Marisa Peer. A transformative encounter with Marisa Peer in 2013 highlighted the impact of subconscious programming in overcoming eating disorders.

By 2016, Hanna had successfully overcome her binge-eating disorder, inspiring her to focus on developing the “Beat The Binge-Eating Trap” program. Set to be launched in January 2024, this online resource offers a practical solution for individuals struggling with binge-eating, aiming to help more people with reduced live coaching hours.

Hanna Longstaff shares her belief in the program’s success, stating, “If I can do it, you can do it too, and with my help, clients can do it the quick and easy way, rather than the long and painful way like I did.”

Those looking to permanently end their struggle with binge-eating are invited to join the “Beat The Binge-Eating Trap” program. Visit mindfoodbodycoach.com for more details.