In an era where online identities often overshadow real-world personas, a novel digital privacy venture has been launched in the UK. ‘Reputation Online,’ the creation of Cardiff-based legal tech entrepreneur Jeevan Mann, has quickly become a sanctuary for individuals looking to rectify their online image and maintain their privacy. Mann’s project directly tackles the significant issue of digital defamation.

Reputation Online focuses on applying the ‘Right to be Forgotten,’ a crucial component of the UK GDPR laws, to eliminate misleading online content. This ensures that an individual’s digital persona accurately reflects their true self.

Jeevan Mann’s endeavor is not just about removing negative content. It encompasses a full-fledged approach to digital footprint management, combining legal knowledge with technological expertise to provide proactive online reputation management. Reputation Online aims to act as a shield against future digital challenges, making its services accessible to a diverse clientele.

Operating within the confines of the law, Reputation Online is committed to ethical practices, offering customised solutions to respect each client’s digital privacy. Mann’s vision includes scaling the company to serve up to 100 clients per month and extending its services to the corporate world.

Mann also has ambitions to expand Reputation Online’s reach into the European Union, focusing on countries with privacy laws similar to the UK’s. “Our expertise is primed for the EU market, ripe for the services we excel in,” Mann remarks, indicating his plans for international growth.

This expansion not only represents business growth but also a dedication to transforming the digital privacy management industry. Mann aims to address the online issues facing individuals and businesses, enhancing their digital presence in a secure and respectful way.

For individuals seeking to manage their digital identity, Reputation Online stands as a formidable option. More information about Mann’s services can be accessed at