In an exclusive collaboration with Tote, the World Pool introduces a novel dimension to UK horse racing enthusiasts. It extends an opportunity for punters to engage in a multi-million-pound pool betting extravaganza, uniting global fans under a single banner.

Dedicated to fortifying and broadening the realm of horse racing, World Pool has announced an expansion of its event calendar, now spanning from 21 to 25 race days. This expansion embraces new destinations such as Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Ireland.

Navigating the World Pool Wagering Realm When World Pool resonates, it’s synonymous with Tote. Participation in the World Pool can be secured by enrolling on here or downloading the Tote betting app.

The World Pool’s allure lies in the remarkable value it presents, thanks to the vast pools it generates and the kaleidoscope of perspectives from horse racing enthusiasts worldwide. For instance:

  • Tote’s success rate surpasses SP by 72% on during the World Pool races of 2022 and 2023.
  • Unlike conventional bookmakers, Tote welcomes and doesn’t curtail victorious patrons.
  • With a global tapestry of opinions, horses, and jockeys vying for supremacy, intriguing wagering opportunities abound during World Pool events.
  • The Tote’s customary overround online during a World Pool day hovers around 106%, in stark contrast to bookmakers’ range of 115-130%.

The World Pool endows punters with seven distinctive betting options:

  • Triumph (Single Leg wager) – Predicting the race victor.
  • Placement (Single Leg wager) – Designating a horse to secure a position. Hong Kong’s placement conditions apply.
  • Exacta (Single Leg wager) – Correctly guessing the top two horses’ order.
  • Trifecta (Single Leg wager) – Also known as the Tierce, involves selecting the winner, runner-up, and third-place horse in precise succession.
  • Quinella (Single Leg wager) – Opting for the initial two finishers, regardless of their order.
  • Swinger (Single Leg wager) – Also recognised as Quinella Place, entails picking two horses to occupy the first, second, or third slot, in any sequence.
  • Treble (Multi Leg wager) – Nominating the inaugural horse across the last three races.

Crucial Insights for 2023

  • A convergence of 28 nations contributes to the creation of World Pool events.
  • The UK and Ireland host 18 events, an increase from 17 in 2022.
  • A total of 126 races are showcased within the UK and Irish World Pool occurrences.
  • In 2022, World Pool days amassed a global turnover of £650 million.
  • Notably, the UK and Irish World Pool pools experienced an upsurge of 44%, reaching £521 million in 2022.
  • Five British racecourses and two Irish counterparts play host to World Pool occasions.
  • Prize money across the UK and Irish World Pool events collectively amounts to £31.4 million, marking an 11% escalation from 2022.
  • A treasury of £100,000+ in rewards awaits racing personnel, acknowledging the World Pool Moment of the Day and Year.
  • World Pool events encompass a palette of seven Tote betting types.
  • A minimum of seven contestants is mandated for all bet categories to become accessible.

World Pool’s Economic Infusion into Horse Racing World Pool’s significance extends beyond internationalising the sport and casting a global spotlight on participating venues. It births substantial wagering revenue and augmented media entitlements, contributing an estimated £500,000 – £800,000 daily. The World Pool stands as a pivotal player in orchestrating a sustainable financial framework for the sport’s impending future.

The World Pool Moment of the Day and Year embodies an opportunity for racing personnel to vie for rewards surpassing £100,000. The most outstanding member of racing staff, distinguished from the 25 global World Pool days of this season, stands a chance to be crowned as the World Pool Moment of the Year. This accolade carries the promise of a VIP sojourn for four to Hong Kong, coinciding with the 2024 Hong Kong Derby or the 2024 FWD Champions Day.

Tote’s Holistic Support for Racing A glimpse into Tote’s noteworthy sponsorships:

  • A proportion of Tote Gaming Revenue is channeled back into Horse Racing.
  • Contributions to Racing Welfare and Racing to School’s charitable initiatives.
  • Backing for Greatwood’s charitable pursuits.
  • Support extended to The Injured Jockeys Fund.
  • Nurturing the Racehorse Owners Association Sponsorship Scheme.
  • A broad spectrum of sponsorships spanning the UK and Ireland, encompassing events like The Tote Chester Cup and The Tote Galway Plate.
  • Exciting Tote Betting Offers during the York Ebor Festival.

The present Tote welcome bonus entails a fascinating proposition of wager £10 and receive £30 in free bets.

In Summation In the words of James Dooley from British Racecourses, “The realm of horse racing owes much of its vitality to the benevolent sponsorship alliances forged by The Tote and World Pool over the past decade. The investments undertaken by World Pool and Tote in British racing are truly commendable. This upswing reverberates as augmented rewards for owners, trainers, jockeys, and enhanced value for punters.”

Therefore, at the mention of World Pool, the mind naturally gravitates towards Tote.