Blackjack, 21 or Pontoon – whatever you call it, it’s one of the most played card games both online with live dealer blackjack becoming increasingly popular. So now in the age of emerging artificial intelligence, can the machines help humans be better at the game and take on these popular live blackjack casino sites listed on OutlookIndia and win more money?

Real-Time Data Input

Anyone who has used ChatGPT or another AI service will appreciate how easy and quick it is to get information out of it. You can describe the hand you have to the service and tell it what card the dealer is showing and it can explain to you the different permutations of each available action. The great thing about this is that it just gives you the facts, just the statistical information, there’s no emotion of prior rounds involved. This way the AI can present you with optimal decision-making processes without human error.

You can also tell the AI the result when the dealer’s cards have been drawn and in addition, the other player’s cards if you get to see them. This will help the AI plot out what cards are coming and what system the dealer is working on.

Have the AI Count the Cards

Card counting is pretty difficult to do manually whether you are online or at a casino. It takes a decent amount of memory capacity and observation skills to recall every single card that comes out and then try to use that information to base your next play. Well, some AI systems can do it for you. Certain plug-ins can keep track of the deck when it is shuffled and all manner of different details to help you determine what card might come up next. Of course, there are some caveats to this. Some tables might use multiple decks at once or have varying algorithms to mix the cards up.

Blackjack and Casino Games Provide Great Practise

If you’re looking for some Blackjack practice without spending any money while you play, why not download a blackjack game? There’s plenty out there online or in your app store. While it’s not the typical AI we think of these days, the dealer will be artificial intelligence of sorts and will be able to expose you to multiple blackjack situations where you’ll be able to get good practice.

Pattern Spotting and Data Collecting

Bespoke AI packages are now being released exclusively for Blackjack players who want to win more games. While the hands and cards are supposed to be handed out randomly, over enough time there’s always a pattern. AI can spot these trends far quicker than any human. AI can also have the capacity to read and analyze historical data from prior game sessions or tournament play if granted the data to assess. All of this information could make it easier for human players to win at the table.

Bankroll Management and AI-Assisted Spend

Financial institutions already use a wealth of AI and algorithms for their daily duties. Whenever you apply for a loan, a mortgage or a credit card your personal information goes through multiple processes to assess whether you are suitable for the monetary product to the company. So, why not use the same ideas when you’re on the blackjack table? If you tell the AI how much money you have to spend, your current run and if it’s been keeping track of the cards, the AI could make a good suggestion on how much you should wager for your next hand.

Programming AI to Play for You

This one might sound surreal but is it that far away from happening? Probably not. AI is already doing so much and taking people’s jobs, is it too hard to imagine people setting up AI to mimic human actions on an online casino? It already understands the game metrics, if you tell it you want it to count cards at the same time, you could end up with a lot of money. In the future gambling operators might have a problem with this if it becomes commonplace and stop software from taking seats at the table.

Remember the Limitations of AI

Artificial intelligence is great and is rapidly becoming more prevalent in our world. It is still worth understanding what AI can’t do. Just because you’re using AI and it presents you with some probability data, it doesn’t mean it will be right all the time. Also, it might have interpreted how the last dealer played but unless they have a strict company policy, when the next dealer takes over – they might not know anything about their style.

The randomness elements can be gauged and predicted by AI but as AI advances so does the iGaming Software which tries to make the random qualities better. RNGs (random number generators) have come a long way in the last few years. AI has to keep up with these which can be difficult to do.