Martin Cooper might not be a name that everyone is familiar with, but he is an individual that will forever live in the annuals of history.

For those unaware, Cooper was the first person to make a cellphone call. An employee of Motorola at the time, he was able to make a call to another device while standing out on the streets of New York City.

The phone is one that many of today’s generation would find something that is truly hard to comprehend, given that we are now blessed with devices that fit in the palm of our hands. The gadget that Cooper had was the size of a brick, as it measured 9 inches long and weighed two and a half pounds.

Cooper Revealed All in an Interview

Having recently spoken about the 50-year anniversary of his historic feat, Cooper recounted the experience and even revealed that Motorola was way ahead of its time as an innovative company in the world of cell phones.

He recalled how New Yorkers were shocked that he was able to make a call on a portable device outside 6th Avenue by the Hilton hotel, as it was something that was not considered possible. Perhaps in a way to gloat, Cooper revealed that he had called Motorola’s competitors, Bell Labs, on the device as he looked to rub his nose in their faces about their latest achievement.

However, what he also later mentioned was perhaps the biggest shock and surprise, as the company he worked for looked to try and make the cellphone what it is today, be that thing five decades ago.

During his interview, Cooper had said Motorola that the company had looked at the cellphone and believed it ought to have been the extension of the person who was using it; therefore, it needed to be with that individual at all times.

Phones Are Now What Motorola Had Planned 50 Years Ago

Of course, this is something that we are all accustomed to in the modern era, as we have the ability to do all sorts of different things on our devices, as well as being able to carry them around in our pockets. Because of the technology that has taken place and evolved over the decades, we need them in order to function; much like a crucial organ within our bodies. We are using these gadgets more and more in our daily lives, as they can do a range of tasks.

We use them as personal diaries and calendars, entertainment systems where we can take photos and watch videos or even for watching and betting on live sporting events. Undoubtedly, mobile betting apps have revolutionized the way people place bets on sports events. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, these apps offer convenience and ease of use to users who can place bets from anywhere and at any time.

They provide a wide range of features, including live betting, in-play betting, and personalized alerts, to enhance the overall betting experience. We can also stream music with our smartphones, record exercise, and even take readings in regard to our health such as blood pressure and heart rates. Basically, the possibilities are endless, which is why these gadgets have become an extension of our human bodies.

Despite the fact that we are able to do as much as possible on these devices, there have been other improvements over the years. The design has significantly improved, as they are a lot smaller and slimmer and do not weigh heavily in our hands or pockets. The introduction of smartphones has also helped make these devices more attractive, even for those that were not impressed when the first cell phone was made and used.

Cooper Believes We Are Yet To See the Best

In the same interview, Cooper is still of the opinion that we are yet to see the very best of cell phones and what they are potentially capable of achieving in the future.

He highlights that the continued emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to continue to have an impact on the way we are able to use our cell phones and do certain things such as accomplishing various tasks.

What those tasks could be might be unimaginable at the moment, although there is every possibility that something we think is impossible does in fact become the norm because of the speed at which technology continues to evolve and develop.

Nonetheless, Cooper is the man that will forever live and go down in history as the man to have made the very first cell phone call, and one many will have been unknowingly thankful for as it has had an indelible impact on the way that people all around the world are able to communicate with each other.