November 14th 2022: Litter Free Norbury has had some groundbreaking news this week as co-founder and trustee, Guillaume Raillard, announced that the non-profit has been accepted by the UK Charity Commission as a registered UK charity. It’s a huge success for LFN community team and it will make a great impact on the resident’s future projects to help the area become a nicer place, free of litter and fly tipping.
‘‘Accreditation as a charitable organisation also brings significant benefits to the organisation, which broadens the horizons of optimisation and resource management, necessary to advance our mission objectives in our commitment to work for a clean and tidy environment as the community of Norbury and its surroundings deserves.’’ Guillaume Raillard said.
LFN has as its mission the conservation, protection, and improvement of the physical and natural environment of Norbury and its surroundings, with great achievements in the development of future projects to reduce waste. The idea is to count on a good group of volunteers who can contribute on a small or large scale, either from their homes, by participating in activities, sharing content, involving family and friends, through financial contributions or with ideas that help increase the impact and strength of this project that benefits everyone and guarantees the environmental sustainability of future generations.
The purpose of this statement is to raise awareness among other councils that it is possible to create a litter-free environment, and to demonstrate that every project, whether small or large, can mark a great beginning for change. ‘‘This is expected to amplify efforts and involve all levels of society to work together to build solutions at every step of this great project!’’  Guillaume Raillard said.
Guillaume Raillard wants to thank once again everyone who helps us make this possible, and he encourages people to participate in LFN monthly events. With volunteers that work hard and are very aware of the great need to advance our community goal; of assisting in educating the public on good environmental practices, efficient waste management, proper recycling of waste and elimination of unintentional waste.