An easy way to elevate men’s look? Jewellery. Simple pieces can really make a difference in your man’s style, presenting a more refined result and sophistication in every outfit.

Bracelets are especially good in bringing elegance, and they are also practical to wear and to match. The fashion alternative to the old watch, a contemporary item your boyfriend or husband will always have at his wrist. There are of course many designs on the market that combine various materials and finishes, so if you are looking for bracelets for him, here are four of the latest pieces.

Chain design

One of the latest trends in bracelets for him is definitely the chains design. These bracelets are available in many different dimensions of chain and intertwines, allowing to choose between various patterns. Considering colour, silver is always the most popular one as it can go with a lot of outfit and styles. However, there are also new chain bracelets for him that incorporate colour in innovative ways, like the iridescent finish, a black matt colour or an elegant chocolate coating. These bracelets also come in combination with steel plates, for a manly yet more elaborate result.

Leather and steel design

For a more aggressive look for your man you can surely opt for a steel and leather combination. These materials are a classic and convey a vintage vibe to the outfit, without being boring. The leather usually comes braided, for a smart yet rough look, in black or brown, and the details are often made of stainless steel, allowing resistance to an everyday wear. Bold and impactful, the leather and steel bracelets for him can also come in a more fashion version that adds tasteful zirconia. This design is a bit more sophisticated than the basic one, but remains virile and strong in its effect.

Steel and stones design

A more contemporary and fresh look can be achieved with stainless steel and stones bracelets. This is the style for men who want something more colourful and playful, a subtle highlight to their outfit to make formal clothes more trendy. This design of bracelets for him, in fact, alternates steel plaques and pearls to little stones like sodalite, howlite, malachite, black agate, tiger eye, and lava stone. The stainless steel gives brightness, while the brown, green or blue stones offer a needed pop of colour. But you can also choose white or black stone for a tone-on-tone result. The perfect design for a casual- formal dress code.

Composable bracelets

The latest trend in bracelets for him are composable link bracelets. This design is perfect for a gift to the men in your life because it allows you to create a unique item with a wide selection of letters, symbols and icons. Particularly suited to celebrate important occasions, but also a great customisable piece your man can wear everyday. The links are made of stainless steel and they can be changed or added anytime you want. A slick and meaningful choice for men’s jewellery.