In November 2022, the brand Thought Clothing started a survey that simply asked Britons: ‘Do you like Black Friday?’.

The retailer, best known for it’s ethical fashion, wanted to find out the general thoughts on surrounding the sales periods in the UK and whether or not people are bored of the constant marketing surrounding retail. According to the results, they found that only 28% of Britons like Black Friday!

The Results

After completion of the survey, Thought found that only just over 28% of the public liked Black Friday, with 32.8% unsure on how they feel about it and almost 39% reporting that they actively did not like the sale period. The data shows that people in the UK may be becoming weary of the constant messaging around the sales period and as many shoppers demand more sustainable goods and services, the want for super low prices from unsustainable outlets may drop over time.

Thought Clothing has been building Thoughtful Friday since 2015 and are so proud and grateful for the continued support shown by the public. what started as a drive towards a planet-friendly alternative to Black Friday, has since turned into a great initiative promoting some of the most important charities and social initiatives in the UK and beyond.

Sustainable Shopping Tips for Black Friday

1. shop with ethical brands 

Shopping with ethical brands is a great start and whilst it can be tricky to work out which companies are backing up their claims, a bit of research online can go a long way. The Thoughtful Friday initiative is a great opportunity to find ethical clothing at a good price.

2. think about the impact of the item after the purchase 

Whilst shopping with ethical brands is great, thinking about the impact of the item after the purchase is also essential. a lot of clothing can end up in landfill so it is important to recycle old items and pass them on to someone else who will love them after you.

3. only buy items that you will love 

The third tip is to only buy items that you love, this will increase the chances of them becoming a mainstay in your wardrobe leading to good value both for you and the planet.

4. invest in better quality clothing that will last 

lastly, investing in good quality clothing will also have benefits for you and the environment as you will spend less on replacing older clothing and reduce the amount of waste that ultimately may end up in landfill or not being recycled or reused.”