Birmingham is a massive city with a long history, and because of this, you can find countless museums, art galleries, and exhibits that will tickle your fancy. A museum vacation gives you the opportunity to expand your remind while getting to have fun in a new area. If you’re curious about the culture here, or you want to try something new: it’s time to check out these fantastic destinations!

McWane Science Center

The McWane Science Center is an experience unlike any other! This center offers everything from interactive exhibits to a massive IMAX theater. While you’re here, you can take in the growth and changes of science over the course of history and what our technological advancements and bringing us towards in the 2020s.  

This can be a great stop for any family that wants to find something exciting for their kids to enjoy.

Vulcan Park and Museum

As the largest cast iron statue in the world, and the city symbol of Birmingham, the Vulcan Statue has a long history of bringing visitors from around the world. This 56-foot sculpture is of the Roman god Vulcan to show the hard-working ethics of the area.  

Here you can walk through a museum of Birmingham, walking you back centuries to when the city was first founded and showing how much the people of this city have contributed to the success of America. This statue is a great way to welcome anyone into getting to know the city better.

Birmingham Museum of Art

Art is the one language that anyone can speak. The Birmingham Museum of Art is home to over 24,000 paintings, prints, sculptures, and drawings: and has pieces from every continent and hundreds of countries. Getting to walk between all of this history can leave you with a heavy and awestricken feeling that won’t go away after you leave. You’ll want to look at Birmingham homes for sale and come back to look at more! 

This museum has rotating exhibits, so there’s always something new and fascinating to anyone who’s interested in seeing it.

How to Pack for a Trip to Birmingham

Whether you’ll be spending 90% of your vacation inside or outside: it’s a good idea to get the most out of your vacation and pack for the area you’ll be in. Birmingham gets the best out of every season, which means chilly winters and hot summers. Make sure to check the weather forecast when packing for your trip, so you don’t feel uncomfortable when you arrive!

This is a lot of walking, so it’s also a great idea to take the time to find some comfortable shoes you can wear anywhere and won’t mind walking in for hours. A sturdy reusable water bottle is also a great choice! 

There’s Nothing Like a Vacation Full of Museums!

Museum vacations allow you to vanish from more than just your local area! These types of trips give you the chance to get away from your old line of thinking as well. Consider a museum vacation to Birmingham soon!